Saturday, February 20, 2021

Review: Cole Dallas vs. Lobo Gris (UCW)

Lobo: "It's good to see you here. New faces. New muscles to destroy."
Cole: "Destroy?" 
Lobo: "Yeah, yours." 
Cole: "I don't think you'll be doing that."

The images in my review of Cole Dallas vs. Lobo Gris will be deceptive. Just owning up to that right now. UCW doesn't do 100% squashes, but as I pulled my favorite images, I had a baker's dozen (13) of Cole Dallas suffering and four of the reverse. So, I decided, why fight it? Just post ten of your favorites with Lobo Gris kicking the rookie's bare muscly ass.

If Lobo can't destroy Cole's muscles for real, he can at least do it on my blog.

Lobo: "Nice pecs."
(yeah, nice pecs ... to destroy!)

Both these guys are new to me. They're both sexy in different ways. Lobo looks good in his gray trunks. Dark-haired and good looking, he's got the swagger of a ring veteran. As the opening quote shows, Lobo's eager to get going. And why not? Cole is classic muscleboy-next-door. He looks like a young farmboy to me. Wherever he's from, the guy is not shy. He's decked out in super-skimpy blue posers that simply cannot contain his bubble butt.

Yeah, struggle for us, muscle boy.

Cole's too wide for that hold.

Lobo understands fan service.

With two young, contrasting hunks like this, I'm immediately interested. While this is not a squash, Lobo definitely dominates more of the action (maybe 65/35?). He's got some sweet ring skills and knows how to show Cole's assets off for the viewers at home. I love his unselfishness. The fan service is appreciated. Lobo is also a lot more dirty than Cole. This is tame by UCW standards, but the dark-haired hunk gleefully takes a few liberties when he's got the chance.

Those blue posers never stood a chance
against Cole's gluteus MAXIMUS.

Raking the bulge with the middle rope?

There are no timeouts in wrestling, Cole.

Action-wise, it's a combination of ring- and mat-style wrestling. As I said, this isn't full-on UCW chaos, but the guys are relentless. The pro moves include body slams, suplexes, rope and corner work. The mat action has them bending, stretching and spreading each other.


The bigger they are, the hotter they fall.

Lobo: "Do you submit?"
(To those little love taps? C'mon, man.)

In the end, I really loved this match. It's action-packed, competitive and the guys are hot. I would definitely check Lobo or Cole out again. Lobo has good skills and know how to run the match. Cole would make a hot jobber, but competitive works, too.

What are other bloggers saying?

So, that's my take. What's yours?



  1. This is an awesome match, especially if you like competitive. You are right about both guys. And Cole is awesome in that tiny string bikini....a truly awesome beefy body and ass. Lobo is an awesome heel and wrestler...both are. they need to do a rematch right away....Lobo bringing the fire next time.

    1. I’d be up for a rematch or them taking on more of the roster. They both just need more quality matches like this.

  2. Replies
    1. Yes, yes. yes!!!

      I'm a little concerned that he isn't listed on the roster on the left of the site, yet, because I want him to become a regular.

  3. Aka Cole Karter at IWC wrestling

  4. Holy...that's HOT. Lobo tormenting Cole is fantastic to watch.

    1. I agree! Cole just gets hotter as the match goes on and Lobo does an awesome job punishing him whenever he's on top.

  5. Cole Dallas looks HOT!! Please tell me Cole loses this match? If so, then I want to purchase this match!! Cole would make a hot jobber!! :)

    1. Hm ... ****SPOILER --sorrynoCDwins-- ENDSPOILER****

  6. I saw on UCW site that Cole has "Gone Dark" which I guess means he has disappeared at UCW. I liked how he would react to a gutputch with his "O" mouth. When I get it on in a bar fight and take a hit that doubles me over and makes me scream my grunt I go O with my mouth. But no matter my gun stays hard in my faded tight Levis! Most of the time!

    1. Yeah, when I saw he was not listed on the roster, I assumed he was a tried it, didn't like it guy. Maybe he'd be more open to W4H or one of those places.

  7. New video of Uber hot Cole Dallas just out....his gear is not as revealing but he is grabbing the other dudes package like he’s shopping for produce.... I fear this will be his swan song...

    1. Thanks! I'll check it out. I'm still hoping he'll show up somewhere else if not UCW. Lots of young pros who keep coming back to W4H.