Monday, February 24, 2020

Review: Ash DeLeon vs. Buck "Wildcard" Carter (BGEast)

This is a "Heel Bash" video. This is the second one in five catalogues and I hope they've filmed a lot more. I don't know who at BGEast thought of it but I love how they're pitting "heels" against one another and letting them run loose. In the "old days", I feel like it was a big deal for two bad boys to face off and both maintain their aggressive nasty side. I like when both guys come out looking good, like they do here.

Badass beauty meets brutal beast.

Ash DeLeon is not someone I generally think of as a heel but that's because I've been fooled by his adorable looks and babyface performances like his Wrestling with Pride 2 match against Dimitri. I follow him on Twitter and he is definitely a bad boy at heart. His GIF's and pics of his recent private motel takedown of classic BGE stud Scott Williams prove that. Here, in his unique black singlet, he's a brilliant combination of adorable and badass.

Ash isn't just a pretty face.

Ash looks good on top.

Buck "Wildcard" Carter is a heel mostly because of his size and calm cruelty as he breaks down smaller studs. I don't think he really cheats (probably because he doesn't have to) but he's definitely a professional in dishing out relentless brutality. Packed tightly in his gold singlet, the thick slab of beef looks amazing. He's got a great physique for a singlet, particularly his broad shoulders and huge ass.



Ash DeLeon vs. Buck "Wildcard" Carter is back-and-forth for most of it, which is a great thing. It starts with the massive monster in charge but Ash turns things around. Buck's a guy I love seeing dominating and getting dominated so this makes me happy. Ash revels in his time on top, trash talking and humiliating the big man. I think that these two have a lot of chemistry in the ring and the match has a lot of tension.

Buck's muscles can't protect him from that.

Legs and balls ... the big man's weaknesses.

240-lbs of muscle using 240-lbs of muscle.

Action-wise, this does a great job of managing the size between the two studs. Ash uses the perfect three-pronged attack against big men - take out the legs, go after the head, and of course, attack his manhood. The combined assault weakens the big beast enough that the smaller stud can actually take down the gold singlet straps and dominate. The massive monster sells it all.

Buck also uses strategy. He's perfect against a skilled and feisty lightweight. When he's in charge, the hairy beast easily overpowers Ash. I love the way he throws the smaller stud around. Ash makes a great dominant heel but he also makes a great victim. He's bendy but not breakable, so Buck gets to dish out racks, gutbusters and backbreakers with abandon.

Buck knows what bad little boys need.

Ash might want to grab a sledgehammer.

This match ends up being a great ride. 

In the end, this is a super-hot clash between two totally different kinds of "heels". I love that it's not a squash either way because both guys know how to dish out and receive punishment. The gear is great. Ash looks amazing. Buck's ass has never looked better. All-in-all, a fun match that's entertaining from start to finish.

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  1. Buck Carter exudes dominance yet has a tantalising jobber whimper I can't get enough of. His pathetic self assurances that he's still the best after Ash humiliates him is so convincing I almost forget that he can easily back it up. I love how game he is when taking a beating

    1. In your last sentence you identified my favorite thing about the guy ... how confident he is in taking punishment. It’s sexy that he’ll be open to being a big old jobber bear and play the part in such a hot way.