Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Review: Brad Honeycutt vs. Taylor Reign (Muscleboy Wrestling)

I was excited to buy Brad Honeycutt vs. Taylor Reign from Muscleboy Wrestling's latest catalogue for a couple of reasons. First, it has one of MBW's original bad boys, Taylor Reign, who I think is great. And second, it has Brad Honeycutt who I hope will be great. He had a great debut against Alex Costa but would there be a sophomore slump? Spoiler: there isn't.

Two studs I definitely wanted to see again!

I was going to say that Brad sure is lucky. Getting to face Alex and Taylor in your first two matches is a pretty sweet deal. However, his hard work building that incredible body and honing his wrestling skill is clearly not luck. No, it's pretty clear that Brad has earned the right to jump on the mat with MBW's best. And the way he packs his shiny red trunks and works the match proves he's deserving.

Taylor, meanwhile, has really earned my respect, too. He appeared four times in MBW's inaugural catalogue and has just kept getting better. The lean ripped stud is fearless and ferocious whether he's facing a big bodybuilder or a lightweight jobber or a muscular pro wrestler. He always looks great. This time, he's in familiar orange briefs, color-coordinated from head to toe.

Brad: "You got two choices.
You either bend or you break!"

Taylor's got power, too.

Brad: "I'm gonna pick you apart limb from limb."

Right from the start, Brad is confident, declaring that this is not Taylor's lucky day. He calls Taylor a jobber. Brad's like a drill sergeant. I can see why it was a little overwhelming for the lanky young stud. Brad dominates for the opening stretch, even getting an early submission. I figured it was going to be a total squash but Taylor finds his fight with a clever reversal I've only seen once before. In fact, the loser of the match is in control right before the end, so it's definitely anyone's bag.

I love this! I just saw this for the first time in December's
Zach Reno vs. Jonny Firestorm and here it is again!

They're so pretty.

Brad's arrogance might be misplaced.

Action-wise, things are really good. Brad's got an impressive set of moves that flow well. He's arena-loud and demonstrative whether he's giving pain or receiving it (my mind reels at the thought of him facing Joey McCoy, the resident champ of this kind of performance). The pro seems to have a great attitude, going with both sides of the story.

Taylor is versatile, too. He's bendy and expressive, which is great for selling, but also confident and deceptively strong which is great for dominating. It all works. The guys use a lot of submission moves but also a lot of classic power moves. As he did with Alex, Brad leads the trash talking, with a lot of man vs. boy commentary but Taylor chimes in when he's on top, too.


What're you gonna do now, Brad?

Big power, used perfectly.

In the end, Brad avoids a sophomore slump and Taylor continues to reign (see what I did there?) as one of MBW's best. It's a fun battle with the pro dominating more but Taylor proving he's a tough guy, too. All my images/GIFs are from the first 15 minutes of this 29-minute video, so that's a hint on how much happens. The studs get sweaty and exhausted by the end of the match and so did I.

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