Saturday, February 8, 2020

How I Edit Images ...

There's a new "page" on the blog. You can find it on the upper nav bar along with index pages for stories and characters or just click HERE.

I've been asked how I edit models into wrestlers a few times so I figured I'd try to show how easy it is to do it once you know how. I recorded my screen to make sure I had a record of every step. I use screen grabs and GIFs to run through it in excruciating detail.

This is the example I chose ... @TraceTrainer on Twitter.

I know this is a specialty interest but it seemed like a way to maybe encourage more guys to make more content. I thought about uploading the video to YouTube but it's 19GB and 35 mins. Plus, I'd have to record narration and as a rambling type, I'd need to work out a script ... anyway, it just seemed like a lot of work.

I hope to be back with a review tomorrow.



  1. Thank you very much for taking the time to put these instructions together, Alex. Sounds like I need to invest in PhotoShop because the free photo edit software I use is much more limited in its capabilities, which makes the photos I include with my stories a lot more time-consuming to create.


    1. Glad you find it helpful. One thing ... it’s PhotoShop Elements. I think real PhotoShop is a lot more expensive.