Saturday, February 15, 2020

The Cave Unleashed 12: Beau vs. Ricky

Cody’s Gym.

“All right, before we go for the day, I just have to say it again, Beau. You’re a beast. Saved us an hour today. We could’ve scheduled the inspection for tomorrow afternoon at this pace.”

Beau. A beast.

“No big deal, Buck.”

“Well, the guys sure appreciated your help.”

Behind me, Ricky agrees. Just 19 years old, he’s the best demolition guy on my crew, so he’d know. This is only the third project I’ve worked on, but Ricky’s been helping out his cousin Gustavo since he was 14 and working for him full-time for two years now. We’re re-doing Cody’s roof and Beau’s staying with Cody. He decided to help out and was amazing.

I tell Beau, “I feel like you earned a full day’s pay, but I gotta talk to Luis and Gustavo. I’m just the foreman. I got no budget authority.”

The handsome blond bodybuilder shrugs, “Don’t worry about it. You had a roof that needed destroying. I had the energy I needed to burn off.”

I leave that alone. We only met (and wrestled and fucked and showered together) this morning, but I know something is up with him. A guy doesn’t leave his job in El Paso for a spontaneous four-week “vacation” in LA for no reason. I don’t know what’s on his mind, but I know it’s serious. None of my business, though. Everyone but me and Ricky are already gone. I’m about to say we’re going but the muscleboy speaks first.

Ricky surprises me by saying in a sly tone, “You know, I don’t think it worked, big man. Burning off energy, I mean. You look like you could keep going. Maybe we should use that hour you saved us to really burn you out.”

The muscleboy is cocky and cute with the body of a god and the face of a cherub. Ricky stretches out his back by putting his hands behind his head and leaning side to side and backwards. In his tank top and tight jeans, he does look great. His bulge moves at us and his lats spread. Beau and I watch intently. Ricky opens his arms and his biceps flex naturally, although I get the feeling he’s pumping them.

I’m curious where this is going. Ricky walks around, “Mats upstairs. Mats down here. Guys who live here into yoga or something?”

The cowboy takes the bait. He answers, “Wrestling.”

Ricky stretches but yeah, really he’s showing off as he circles the big mat. The blond stud stares. Their minds are clearly working this all out. While they were tearing things up, I did sense a little unspoken competition between them. Ricky trying to beat Beau’s pace then Beau upping his effort to keep his lead. It’s not unusual for these young musclemen to behave that way and it does make the work go faster. But usually, it ends when the job does.

“What about you, Texas? You into yoga? Or wrestling?”

“I’ve wrestled some.”

“Me, too.” Ricky drops and effortlessly does a few pushups before shifting into a side plank position. As he balances on one hand and foot, he asks, “How ‘bout it, big man? Got another hour of hard work in you?”

The cowboy is interested. He nods, “I could do an hour. Barely broke a sweat up there.”

Ricky nods and stands up. He peels off his shirt, tossing it aside. “Cool. Let’s go. If you’re open.” As his answer, Beau squats to start unlacing his work boots. The shorter muscleman rubs his meaty pec and grabs his bulge, “Ever make wrestling interesting?”

The blond bodybuilder looks at the flirting teen muscleman. He casually replies, “Wrestling with me is always interesting. During and after.”

“Good. We’re on the same page.”

They’re both quickly down to briefs so I offer to throw their sweaty work clothes in Cody’s washer. They exchange looks as I pick up their stuff. When I rise, they strip off their briefs and add them to the pile. Wow, naked muscle wrestling is not what I expected as we ended our first day on the job. Not that I’m complaining. My jeans are getting tighter just thinking about it.

When I come back, they’re done stretching. Ricky’s got a nice uncut cock nestled in a bush of wild black fur. He looks slightly above average in length and girth but he’s not hard yet. I’m sure I’ll see how he grows. Of course, I already got to enjoy Beau’s monster cut cock and bull balls up close and personal today. He’s amazing and win or lose, they’re both lucky boys.

Ricky lifts his left arm and sniffs his armpit. “Damn, I’m rank, man. Want me to shower?”

The cowboy moves in and takes a whiff for himself. He shrugs, “Smelled worse.”

“Really? Maybe you’re not close enough.”

Ricky suddenly grabs Beau behind the head. He pulls him in closer, rubbing the cowboy’s face in his hairy armpit. Beau gets a nose and mouthful before he can pull back. I can see the shiny drops of Ricky’s sweaty pit on the blond bodybuilder’s handsome face. He circles the ring and wipes his nose. The cocky teen stud smirks at the reaction, taking it as a victory of sorts.

When the cowboy turns back, the young dark-haired stud kicks Beau in the abs. WHOMP! He reaches out and grabs the bigger stud by the hair. He pulls him forward, spinning around, locking on a surprise side headlock. The cocky construction worker rubs the big man’s head then hip tosses him over. BAM! Beau rolls with it, pulling his head free. He spins to a crouch.

Ricky spreads his arms and backs up, looking as cocky as possible, “Tell you what. I’ll let you wash me down with your tongue after I burn off all your energy.”

Beau rises and nods, “Bring it on.”

Time to Wrestle.

Beau asks, “What do you wanna do? Two-outta-three? Three-outta-five?”

“Naw, man, we got an hour, let’s go an hour. Most wins.”

The cowboy agrees with a smirk. I decide to stay and neither guy seems to care if I’m watching. I rationalize my voyeurism by thinking about how Cody told me that Beau’s in weird place right now and could snap at any minute. Given how cocky Ricky is, I can see him triggering the cowboy’s rage instinct. Of course, the reality is, I just wanna watch two naked muscleboys scrap.

The two hunks only make it halfway around the mat when Ricky charges. He goes low, getting under Beau’s outstretched arms. The smaller muscle stud reaches around the blond bodybuilder. He grabs the meaty ass and behind the tree trunk leg. With a big lift, Ricky actually gets the cowboy up off the mat. He spins then plants Beau on his back. BOOM!

The takedown is quick and powerful. It takes the wind out of the big man, his arms falling limp to the side. Wow, Ricky is fast. He grabs Beau’s thick biceps drawing them down against his big body. The dark-haired hunk slithers forward, locking the arms against Beau’s sides and pinning them there with his knees. He grabs underneath Beau’s head and forces it up in a facelock just as the cowboy stirs.

With his neck stretched up and head being crushed in the younger stud’s armpit, Beau tries to power his arms out, but they’re locked tight and Ricky’s legs are strong. The cowboy bridges, lifting the 210-lbs muscleman up. He gets his arms free as he rolls them over so he’s on top. Ricky wraps his legs around the blond bodybuilder for a body scissors and squeezes. He gets an immediate grunt.

Beau growls. He forces his hands under the dark-haired hunk. With a grunt, the bigger muscle beast powers the smaller one up. Ricky holds on tight but the blond bodybuilder drives him down. Ricky gets slammed down onto his thick back. WHAM! However, the teen manages to pull down on Beau’s head, causing the cowboy to drive his own head into the mat. CRACK!

The impact of 230-lbs crashing down on him opens Ricky’s facelock and scissors, but the cowboy takes the worst of it. Beau’s big muscular body goes limp. The dark-haired hunk pushes the blond bodybuilder off him, rolling the big muscleman onto his stomach. Beau rises to hands and knees, holding his head. Ricky smoothly rises and straddles his back.

Ricky reaches forward and grabs Beau by the hair. He pulls him up to kneeling then locks on a rear naked choke. The cowboy fights it but the teen muscleman falls back, pulling the big blond bodybuilder with him. THUD! The younger beast wraps his legs around for a body scissors. For the next minute, I watch as Beau struggles on top of Ricky. He can’t power the young stud’s arms off. He can’t rise. He can’t seem to do anything.

The teen muscleboy says, “I got you, big man.”

To prove his point, the shorter stud tightens up and Beau’s eyes roll back in his head. Ricky eases up but keeps the choke on. The trapped bodybuilder recovers and fights hard. It’s another minute of relentless struggling. Beau tries to punch, grab, or roll free. None of it changes the situation. The teen muscleboy has him, he just isn’t finishing him off.

Ricky warns, “C’mon, big man, give it up. You ain’t getting free. Tap and we can go again.”

Beau doesn’t agree. He fights violently to escape but Ricky’s too strong. I don’t know where he learned it but he sure knows how to apply a choke. The cowboy bridges then slams his hips down. Nope, Ricky won’t let go. This goes on and on as the younger stud owns the cowboy. Ricky tightens up and Beau’s face turns red and his arms drop. He recovers but it was close.

Ricky explains, “I work security on weekends, big man. I know how to put a guy out if I need to.” The cowboy relaxes. The teen muscleman nods, “That’s right. You’ve been fighting forever. Now, it’s time to tap. I don’t wanna spend the next hour dragging your unconscious ass into pinning positions and scoring like 100 falls.”


The teen muscle beast lets go and rolls Beau off him. I see the cowboy’s fists clench as he pushes up onto hands and knees. I see him shaking his head. Ricky slaps him on the ass, “Don’t worry ‘bout it, man. I just caught you by surprise.” I smile at his surprising graciousness. Until he adds, “And since that was so damn fast, you got a lot of time to try to make it up.”

Beau’s eyes narrow but he’s smirking. Maybe Ricky’s playful charm isn’t enraging him. Maybe it’s exactly what’s needed to soothe the savage beast?


Beau gets to his feet but if he’s expecting a break, he’s wrong. The blond bodybuilder is immediately tackled down. WHOMP! SPLAT! The cowboy hits the mat hard on his shoulder as the smaller stud bounces up his body. Ricky hovers over the blond bodybuilder’s head. The cocky teen muscleboy pumps his hips, humping Beau’s face before he slides away.

The cowboy rolls around onto his knees. Ricky is fast. He smoothly spins and delivers a huge swinging kick to the same shoulder Beau landed on. WHACK! The bigger muscleman grunts and turns but takes the shot pretty well. When Ricky dives at him, Beau is ready. He rolls with the younger bull’s momentum and spins them both around, getting on top.

The guys start fighting and grappling. Beau stays on top, forcing Ricky to deal with the 230-lbs of solid muscle with every move. Neither guy gets too much going as they build up a sweat. Their muscles are huge and pumped. Ricky’s definitely working harder as Beau controls the mat. He might not be getting a submission but the cowboy is playing it smart.

Ricky finally manages to push Beau off him. He rolls away into a crouch. I can see he’s breathing hard. Both guys are smiling. Yeah, this is more like it. The teen’s first submission is a distant memory after that fiery mat battle. Beau presses his advantage, moving in fast as soon as they rise. Ricky barely manages to get his arms up as they connect in a collar and elbow lockup.

Beau barrels the smaller stud back but Ricky eases up and drops, pulling the big man with him. The cowboy’s power sends them down as the teen muscleboy goes onto his back, rolling with the momentum. The blond bodybuilder is flipped over onto his neck and shoulders into a cradle. The dark-haired stud locks one leg between his own legs and grabs the other with his hand. He pushes out, splitting the upside-down bodybuilder open.

The cowboy grunts as he’s locked with his groin stretched out. His own weight is pressing down on his neck and head, his cock stretching down almost to his chin. Ricky places his free hand on Beau’s taint as he keeps the killer splits locked on. The teen muscleboy runs his fingers along the bigger hunk from his tight hole to sagging balls. He grabs the dangling rod.

Ricky squeezes Beau’s monster shaft, “I know what you were doing. Sorry, big man, but you can’t wear me out. I haul shit heavier than you eight hours a day six days a week then work out two more hours. Better come up with a new plan for the next round.”

The cowboy growls and tries to power out. Ricky holds firm and gets Beau crying out as he opens his legs up even wider. The teen muscleboy warns, “Submit and we go again. Don’t and you’re gonna have a strained groin.” Ricky pumps Beau’s cock, “And a face full of your own cum, judging by how hard you’re getting. Your call, big man.”

“Okay, okay. I give.”

Ricky releases the big blond bodybuilder. Both men are hard as they rise. This time, Beau is cautiously watching, preventing another quick start to the action. He opens his legs and walks funny as he tests his groin muscles, just to make sure he’s fine. We’re only fifteen minutes in but it feels like time is already running out for the cowboy.

This is probably not
what Beau expected.


Both guys grab some water and towel off, so I help out by wiping down the mat. Don’t need anyone slipping. When they’re ready, they circle the mat. Everything’s getting bigger. Muscles are pumped, cocks are plump but Ricky’s ego is the biggest thing on the mat. He’s being a good sport but he’s literally bouncing as they move around the mat.

Beau seems to be doing okay, though. He’s moving well, looking focused but not too upset. I guess he really did burn off some energy today. And he did say that our match this morning was exactly what he needed. It was a fun match. Maybe that’s how he’s viewing this? To me, he should be serious but as long as he stays happy, I’ll be happy.

The musclemen are hunched over, hands out. They dodge and parry, slapping hands as they look for an opening. Ricky’s impatient so he darts in. Beau sees it. He grabs the teen muscleboy by the wrist. With a quick turn and twist, the cowboy gets behind him with a hammerlock. The bigger muscleman lifts, forcing Ricky’s hand high up his back.

The hammerlock forces Ricky onto his toes and his chest up. He grunts in pain as Beau controls him. Gotta say, I love the views out here in LA. The cowboy reaches his free arm over the teen muscleboy’s shoulder and locks it around his neck. He quickly pulls back, bringing the younger bodybuilder down over his outstretched leg in a backbreaker. KRAKT!

Ricky lets out a pained cry as he bounces off Beau’s leg onto the mat. He lands face down then rolls away. Ricky doesn’t get far as Beau reaches out and grabs his thick black hair. He drags the teen muscleman back to him, using the tight grip to force him up to his feet. The blond bodybuilder smoothly scoops Ricky up across his chest. He circles the ring, in no rush to put the younger bull down.

“Okay, boy, let’s play my way for a little bit.”

The blond bodybuilder finally bodyslams Ricky down to the mat. BOOM! The teen bodybuilder bridges up to ease the pain that is evident on his adorable face. That makes sense except when you’re still in a fight. Beau splashes his 230-lbs of rock-hard bulk down on him. SPLAT! Ricky’s eyes nearly bug out of his cute face as he lets out a long-pained moan.

Beau just lies on Ricky for a long moment. He sits up, kneeling beside the younger muscleman, surveying the beautiful body. I’m sure he notices Ricky’s dick twitching. I sure do. It’s bigger than the whole time he was squashing the blond bodybuilder. The cocky kid is loving being in a competitive fight or maybe he’s loving being dominated. Either way, Beau’s smiling.

The cowboy reaches out and grabs Ricky by the hair again. He drags the teen muscleboy up. Ricky tries a hard fist to the abs. THUD! Beau’s abs take it and the big blond muscle beast lifts the younger stud up into another scoop. Again, Beau holds the cocky kid up across his chest. Making it last. The 210-lbs muscle stud kicks his feet but it doesn’t help him get free.

After a few laps, the cowboy bodyslams him again. BOOM! This slam was even harder as Beau tests the teen muscleman’s resilience. Ricky bridges up again then falls onto his side. He curses but it’s obvious that he can take some punishment. And maybe like it? Despite the pain, his cock continues to grow. The blond bodybuilder bends down, grabbing an ankle and a wrist.

The cowboy sits behind Ricky. He buries his feet in the teen muscleboy’s back and leans away, pulling on his wrist and ankle. Ricky’s locked into a bow and arrow. He groans loudly as his incredible muscles are stretched out. As his back is bent the wrong way, I gotta say that his body looks amazing. His face is etched in pain as Beau’s ruthless back assault adds up.

Ricky won’t give. He fights and struggles, trying to power out. When that fails, his body relaxes, allowing Beau to bend him even more. That gets a whole new round of moaning. I notice that the cowboy isn’t even asking for a submission. Just working hold more and more. I guess he’s figuring that Ricky isn’t going to just give to something like this. After minutes of torture, Beau finally lets go.

As the teen muscleboy rolls onto his stomach, the cowboy steps over his back. He sits down hard, driving his mountainous ass down on the 210-lbs muscleboy. WHOMP! OOF! Ricky instinctively raises his head and shoulders, allowing Beau to grab him by the biceps and force him up and back into a camel clutch. Ricky’s moans echo through the small gym.

With 230-lbs of beef holding him down, Ricky isn’t going anywhere. He tries to power his arms forward. Nope. He tries to slip out. Nope. He even tries to power his torso forward. Definite nope. The cowboy keeps intensifying the hold. I’m impressed that the teen muscleman is still holding on because Beau’s really working the hold brilliantly. It’s gotta be agony.

Beau leans back, forcing Ricky to look at the ceiling. The teen muscleman is groaning. His amazing pecs are stretched out. His arms hang limp. Ricky is still kicking his feet up and down but slowly and weakly. He’s sweating and gasping. This is it.

“Okay, you got me. I submit.”


The cowboy releases Ricky, letting him collapse onto the mat. Beau shifts and slides back so he’s lying on top of the teen muscleman. The younger bull moans and smiles under the 230-lbs blanket of beef.

Ricky says, “Damn, that was good. You just said, ‘I’m tired of this asshole. Lemme just break his back until he gives.’ Smart.”

Beau laughs, “You didn’t think I was just gonna let you whoop my ass for an hour, did you? But I never called you an asshole.”

The teen muscleboy grabs the cowboy’s wrist and brings Beau’s hand to his mouth. He says, “Maybe not saying it here -” Ricky sticks the thick index finger into his mouth and sensually sucks on it. He works it showing impressive skill. Beau even moans. As if that was a signal, the smaller muscle stud pulls out the finger and points it to his temple, “- but I bet you were thinking it up here.”

“Damn, boy, you’re not what I expected.” Before Ricky can ask what that means, Beau leans in and kisses his ear as he lightly pumps his hips onto the dark-haired stud’s ass, playfully humping the relaxed younger bull.

Ricky says, “Don’t get too comfortable on top, big man. I’m still up by one.”

Beau whispers, “Let’s change that.”

With sudden speed, the cowboy shoots his arms up under Ricky’s. He locks on a full nelson before the teen muscleboy can react. Beau leans into it, smashing the smaller stud’s adorable face into the mat. He really applies the pressure, getting the younger stud cursing. To his credit, Ricky doesn’t complain about the quick start to round four, knowing he’s done the same thing.

Beau rolls over onto his back, dragging the cocky kid with him. He wraps his legs around Ricky’s waist, holding him in place. The taller hunk stretches his body, forcing the teen bodybuilder’s body to stretch with him. Ricky groans loudly as his chin is forced down into his chest and his torso is pulled open by the nelson and scissors. What a sight.

The teen muscleman controls his breathing as he endures the painful hold. He can’t power out, overwhelmed by the strength of the bigger bull. I’m guessing Ricky doesn’t get overpowered very often. I can see every muscle and contour in his upper body as he fights. Ricky tries to use his legs but Beau has him locked up. The dark-haired hunk holds out for two minutes. but eventually he has no choice.

“Damn, big man, you got me again! I give!”


Beau releases Ricky and rolls him over onto his stomach. The cowboy lightly smacks the teen muscleboy’s firm naked ass. PAT! PAT! PAT! “Back to square one, boy.”

Ricky props himself up on his elbows and looks up at Beau with a smile. He pushes up onto his knees and shakes his head, “Well, fuck. That sucks.”

“Really? Then you might wanna tell your cock. It’s looking pretty happy.”

The teen smirks and grabs his rock-hard cock, “This stupid thing? I can’t tell it shit. It does what it wants when it wants.” He rises to his feet and points, “You‘re looking pretty happy, too. Just tell me it doesn’t get any bigger or I might have to renege on stakes if I lose.”

Beau looks down and puts his hand under his cock, bouncing it on his palm. “Don’t worry, this is pretty much it.” He walks over and grabs Ricky by the dick, “You’re a helluva lot of fun. I bet you can handle my cock up your ass.”

“Too bad you’ll never find out.”

The two studs kiss and explore each other with their hands. I wonder if we’re gonna finish this match or end in a tie. To my surprise, they both break and go for a sneak attack at the same time. Beau goes for my sneaky bearhug, which we both used successfully on each other this morning but Ricky is moving sideways and down, unintentionally blocking the move. He grabs the cowboy by the leg, lifts and sends him down on his shoulders and head. CRACK!

With the bigger stud stunned from the impact, Ricky moves so one shin is across Beau’s cheek, pressing his head down. His other shin is pinning the blond bodybuilder’s left arm down. The teen muscleboy is facing down the cowboy’s massive body. He starts unleashing fists into Beau’s ripped abs. THUD! THUD! THUD! Red welts form quickly as the strikes mark the flawless white flesh. THUD! THUD! THUD!

Beau’s cock jumps with every shot. Ricky grabs it and lifts it out of the way, commenting, “C’mon, big man, keep this outta the way. I don’t think we want that kinda match.”

The cowboy moans in agreement. He starts to push the younger bull away, but Ricky squeezes and jerks the cock. The blond bodybuilder gasps as he’s simultaneously pumped and pounded. THUD! THUD! THUD! Beau fights but he’s clearly unfocused. His legs kick and shift and his free hand pushes on the 210-lbs muscleboy but he can’t shove him off.

The teen muscleman smiles, “Ab punching makes you weak? I shoulda gone for this earlier.” THUD! THUD! THUD! “Yeah, lie there and take it, big man.” THUD! THUD! THUD!

The cowboy doesn’t like that. He shoves Ricky off but the younger stud grabs Beau’s wrist. He pulls the big blond bodybuilder to his feet then runs him into the wall, back first. WHAM! The dark-haired hunk starts boxing with Beau’s body as the heavy bag. POW! THUMP! WHAP! The big man takes the abuse, grunting as his body is punched harder and harder. THUD! POW! THUD! The fists are fast and relentless, breaking down the big man before he can react.

Beau finally tries to block the punches but his arms get swatted away. THUD! THUD! THUD! Ricky stops then dives in, splashing his body on top of Beau’s. SPLAT! I feel like the cowboy’s weakness is half-physical but half-mental, which surprises me. Ricky sees it, too. Using the opening, he moves in and grabs Beau by the chin. The teen muscleman forces a deep kiss onto the willing muscle beast.

After a few more seconds, Beau finally gets his wits back. He pushes Ricky off. Both men are smiling now. The cowboy looks down and rubs his red six-pack, inspecting the damage. “Damn, looks like I let you go too long.”

Ricky snarls, “Let me?” He dives in, lifting his knee into Beau’s abs. WHOMP! OOF! The cowboy bends forward. The teen powerhouse grabs him around the waist. With a lift and flip, Ricky slams the blond bodybuilder down onto the mat. WHAM! Beau sits up, shaking out his head.

The smaller stud comes in from behind for another rear naked choke. Beau blocks it, knowing that if Ricky locks it on, it’ll be game over. The two musclemen fight for control but the teen muscleboy gets it when he wraps his arm around Beau’s face, burying it in his armpit. Ricky pulls him backwards, grabbing under Beau’s armpit and sliding his knees underneath the 230-lbs muscleman.

Ricky lifts his knees, forcing Beau up into a bridging position as his head is crushed and his neck is strained. The cowboy’s hips are up, back arched, which is probably painful because it bends him like a backbreaker. He moans in the beautiful combination hold. Ricky cranks on the neck. He holds tight, fighting Beau’s attempts to roll or twist free.

Beau tries to counter but his big body wasn’t meant for this kind of torture. After a minute of moaning and struggling, he has no choice but to tap.



Ricky releases the cowboy’s head as he spreads his knees. Beau’s butt falls to the mat between the legs as the teen muscleman pushes him up to sitting. PLOP! The smaller stud kisses the blond bodybuilder between the shoulder blades and massages his broad shoulders. Beau moans as he sits there getting some nice treatment.

Unsurprisingly, the teen powerhouse decides to start the next round and get up by two again. He thrusts his arms under Beau’s for a full nelson as he wraps his legs around his waist for a body scissors. The cowboy locks his arms against his sides, holding Ricky’s forearms down. The scissors goes on but without the nelson, it’s not getting any more than a moan.

The teen muscleboy suddenly throws his head into Beau’s back. WHACK! The cowboy barely notices the odd head butt but Ricky’s eyes roll back in his head and he falls back, only held up by Beau’s tight grip on his arms. The blond bodybuilder opens his arms and the teen muscleboy collapses on his back, holding his head. PLOP!

Beau spins around, easily breaking the limp scissors. He lies on Ricky and forces his hands from his head. The cowboy pins the wrists to the mat as the two studs lock eyes. Beau slides forward and down, kissing the teen muscleman’s forehead. He smiles, “Did you really think that your head was harder than my back?” That draws a smile.

As they have a nice moment, I see. Beau’s legs working. He’s woven them inside the distracted younger stud’s legs. With a sudden thrust, the cowboy opens his legs, wrenching Ricky’s legs open and stretching his groin in a vicious grapevine. FUCK! The teen muscleboy cries out and throws his head backwards. He fights to lift his arms but Beau’s got them pinned.

Ricky moves his head forward and locks eyes with the smirking cowboy. He says, “You sneaky fucking bastard. Oh fuck, that hurts.”

“Doesn’t have to.”

“Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Okay, okay. I fucking give.” Beau eases up. Ricky says, “Just fuckin’ kiss me, you fuckin’ fucker.” The cowboy leans down, obliging but he keeps his weight pressing down, the wrists pinned and legs wrapped up. Smart move.


Beau pushes off and uses his grip on Ricky’s wrist to drag him up to his feet. They hug but their muscles are noticeably tense, waiting for the other to launch a sneak attack. Instead they break cleanly and grab some water and towel off. They’re pumped and their cocks are rock-hard. Beau checks out Ricky’s ass and licks his lips. His monster cock bounces.

The teen muscleboy sees and wags his finger, “Not gonna happen, big man.”

Beau just smirks in response. They check the time and nod in unison. There’s enough for another round. Or the way these two go with their quick falls, maybe two of three. Either way, they need to keep going just to settle this once and for all. I can’t see either guy settling for a tie. They circle the mat, never taking their eyes from the other. Smart boys.

Ricky stops first, raising his hands for a test of strength. Beau waves it off, “I don’t know what you got planned but I know you got a plan.”

“Who me?”

“Uh huh. You.”

The teen muscleboy casually points at Beau’s forehead, “Looks like I’m living rent-free up there, big man. What’re you afraid of? C’mon, you’re taller and bigger. Odds are all on your side.”

“And that’s why I know it’s a trap.”

Ricky frowns but bends forward. As they move together for a lockup, he backs up. He asks, “You sure? Could be an easy win for you.” Beau rolls his eyes. The dark-haired hunk bends forward again, finally accepting that he’s not getting his test-of-strength. I’m with Beau that it was a trick but I really wanna see what he had in mind. I bet it was gonna be hot. If Ricky and I ever wrestle, I’m definitely gonna do a test of strength with him just to find out.

The two studs move together. They lock up in a collar-and-elbow. Beau pushes Ricky to the side, showing his superior strength. The teen muscleman is, ready, though. He turns with the shove and Beau falls forward, missing whatever he was going for. Ricky grabs the blond bodybuilder in a side headlock, squeezing tight. He spreads his legs and plants for maximum stability as he cranks on the hold.

Beau groans. He grabs the teen powerhouse around the waist and behind the leg. The blond bodybuilder lifts Ricky off the mat but the younger stud kicks his feet. Ricky’s counter works and he falls forward back onto his feet. PLOP! The impact momentarily shifts the headlock, allowing cowboy to push on Ricky’s back and slip his head free.

The teen muscleman kicks back with a surprise donkey kick that slams right into Beau’s abs. THUMP! OOF! Beau bends over, gasping. Ricky turns and the cowboy charges, catching him with a spear. Their momentum carries them into the wall. WHAM! Ricky hits back first, crushed between the wall and 230-lbs of Texas power. He loses his air and goes limp. Beau rises then forces him into a front facelock.

The cowboy backs up, pulling the teen muscleman with him. He reaches down behind Ricky’s leg. With a squat and lift, Beau manages to suplex the 210-lbs of muscle over onto the mat. BOOM! Ricky bounces on impact, groaning in pain. The blond bodybuilder rolls over onto one knee as the younger stud writhes, reaching for his back.

Beau grabs a handful of hair, forcing Ricky up to seated then to his feet. He stays behind the teen muscleman then immediately grabbing him in a reverse bearhug. The cowboy squeezes hard, crushing the younger stud. I felt those arms around my waist just this morning, so I know how painful that bearhug is. Ricky’s face shows it, too. He moans as his body collapses.

It’s becoming harder and harder for Ricky to breathe. I can see him gasping and struggling. He can’t pry Beau’s arms open. The teen powerhouse throws an elbow back but can’t reach the blond bodybuilder’s head. WHOOSH! The cowboy leans back, lifting the shorter stud’s feet off the mat. Ricky really moans now in the suspended reverse bearhug. He braces his feet on Beau’s thighs and grips his forearms for support but he really needs to escape.

I can see Beau’s cock stretching out between Ricky’s legs. A sign of things to come? The kid won’t give but his cries are louder and higher-pitched. In desperation, the teen muscleboy throws his shoulders forward as he pushes his feet on Beau’s thighs. He throws his shoulders back then forward again. The rocking effect destabilizes the bigger hunk. When he throws himself back again, they topple backwards with Ricky landing on top. SPLAT!

Even Beau can’t ignore 210-lbs of muscle crashing down on him. His reverse bearhug weakens enough that Ricky can pull away and roll to safety across the mat. Both musclemen roll onto their sides then push up. The cowboy is in better shape, getting to his feet and breathing in and out. He’s recovered while Ricky is still stretching out his back.

The two bulls are too horned up to wait. They charge in. Beau defends low, expecting Ricky to go for a leg trip again. He’s wrong. The muscleboy leaps at the last second, putting his hands on the blond bodybuilder’s broad back and vaulting over him. Ricky lands behind Beau then kicks the back of his knee, sending the bigger hunk toppling down onto his stomach. BAM!

Ricky dives in, driving his knee down onto Beau’s back. WHOMP! He slides up, using his shin to crush the cowboy’s face into the mat as he grabs the right arm. The teen powerhouse forces the arm straight up towards the ceiling. He leans back to force it forward. The cowboy groans as his shoulder is tortured. Ricky bends the hand to be palm up before pulling down. ARGH!

The controlling hold is expertly applied. Obviously more of the muscleboy’s security training. I watch as Beau’s mountainous ass tightens as he suffers. The blond bodybuilder can’t get his legs under him. All they do is slide and shift on the mat. He tries to push up with his free hand but Ricky’s weight on his head makes things more painful.

The muscleboy asks, “Do I got you? C’mon, big man. I think I got you.”


“Give now and you might have time to catch up.”

A snarl is the only response. Ricky leans back a little more, upping the pressure on the shoulder. That gets a cry of pain. But Beau must’ve been expecting it because he perfectly times a push and roll with the younger stud’s lean. They shift forward. Ricky wobbles, losing balance. The cowboy manages to roll his shoulder and slip free.

The beasts both spin on their asses and dive at each other from one knee. WHOMP! They slam into hard and fall to the side in a tight grip. They battle for control but Beau is stronger. He gets on top but Ricky gets his right leg up. He manages to kick the 230-lbs Texan off onto his back. BAM! The smaller stud spins on his ass and is quickly up into a crouch.

Ricky goes after one of those amazing tree trunk legs, locking the ankle under his armpit. He stands up, lifting Beau’s leg with him. The blond bodybuilder braces himself on his shoulder and hands as he hangs by his leg. Ricky twists hard and steps over, forcing the cowboy face down. He wrenches on the foot in an ankle lock. ARGH! Beau pounds the mat. WHAP!

The teen powerhouse works the submission hold hard. Beau gasps but won’t give. He pushes up then throws himself around. Ricky can’t hold him, losing his grip and stumbling to the side. As the bigger hunk rolls onto hands and knees to rise, the muscleboy throws himself on top, his weight and momentum sending Beau crashing back to the mat. SPLAT!

Ricky goes for a full nelson but gets blocked. The guys get back to grappling for control. As they go back-and-forth, ferociously fighting, they exchange holds but nothing sticks long enough for a submission. Minutes roll by as their pumped sweaty bodies roll from one end of the mat to the other. Their junk flops. Their breathing accelerates. They’re 100% focused.

It’s a whirlwind. Ricky almost gets a choke on. Beau almost gets a nelson. Ricky rolls Beau into a spladle. The cowboy twists free. Beau maneuvers Ricky upside down, straining his neck but the teen powerhouse manages to push up and over. He lands on top and gets his legs around the blond bodybuilder’s head, locking them behind in a figure-four head scissors as he looks down Beau’s incredible body.

Ricky pushes up on Beau’s abs to get more leverage. The bigger hunk moans as the blood flow to his brain is restricted. UNH! The teen muscleman drops his head and looks back at his junk resting between Beau’s meaty pecs. He grunts as he squeezes the life from his opponent. The cowboy tries to push and pull free but those legs are locked.

Beau braces his hands on Ricky’s arms as they press down on his abs. He blindly swings his legs up, hoping to catch Ricky’s head. He misses but pushes with his hands, forcing the teen powerhouse forward. It strains Beau’s neck but allows him to steer the 210-lbs muscleboy to the left, rolling them onto their sides. PLOP! What it does not do is loosen the head scissors.

The cowboy pushes up again, rolling them over so Ricky’s on his back underneath. The teen muscleman holds the figure-four leg scissors. Beau’s forehead is beat red. He’s gasping and looking weaker. The scissors is draining him. The reversal is draining him. However, he’s in a better position. Beau tries to stand but Ricky pulls down and he’s dropped back to his knees.

I look at the clock as an hour approaches and passes. I guess we’re heading into sudden death. Beau roars and fights to stand again. This time, he powers up, driven by sheer force of will. Ricky keeps the figure-four head scissors but that’s a mistake. As he hangs from the cowboy’s neck, Beau is able to wrap his arms around him for a big bearhug.

Beau squeezes. Ricky moans but resists. The cowboy stumbles as his adrenaline fades and his energy starts to wane. As he hangs upside down, Ricky commands, “C’mon, big man! Go. The fuck. Down!” Beau obeys but not like the muscleboy probably wanted. The cowboy drops to his knees, piledriving the younger stud into the mat. CRACK!

It’s not a perfect piledriver but it’s enough. Ricky loses his leg hold and falls on to his back. He lies spread eagle, his 210-lbs carcass unmoving. Finally, he reaches for his head, moaning idly. Beau kneels at Ricky’s side, unable to follow up. Shows how close he was to going out. He breathes in and shakes out his head. The muscleboy starts to move his legs.

Damn, I could dive in and take both of them down. But that would be wrong. Instead, I let them know, “Guys, you’re over an hour. Next fall wins.”

As if flipping a switch, Beau dives forward but Ricky rolls away in time. SPLAT! The cowboy hits the mat face first. The teen powerhouse dives on his back. He spins and goes for his rear naked choke but Beau rolls underneath him, blocking it. As they lie face to face, Beau gets his legs around Ricky’s waist. He squeezes on the body scissors. ARGH!

Beau clamps his massive hands on Ricky’s biceps and lifts his body up. The muscleboy’s back is bent as his midsection is crushed. He fights to squirm free but Beau’s holding tight. Ricky’s head hangs down as he tries to power his arms down. I see his heaving pecs tighten as he tries to butterfly his arms together. It doesn’t work as Beau has his arms extended and locked.

The body scissors gets tighter and the teen lifts his head with a loud moan as he’s crushed. Their cocks stick out together up Beau’s abs. Ricky’s rod bobs up and down as it hovers over the cowboy’s thick monster dick. The teen powerhouse calms his breathing as he tries to figure out an escape. Sweat drips from his dark hair, nose and chin onto Beau’s smooth chest.

“I’m not gonna give to this.”

“Who you trying to convince? Me or you?”

Ricky closes his eyes as Beau tightens the scissors again. ARGH! I wonder the same thing. The cowboy must believe him because he suddenly opens his legs and throws the teen muscleman to the side onto his front. SPLAT! The blond bodybuilder moves with resurgent adrenaline, mounting Ricky’s back like this was an hour ago and the match was just starting.

Beau locks on a rear naked choke. He tightens up, “You’re not the only one who knows how to use one of these things.” The cowboy dry humps the helpless muscleboy. “C’mon, I wanna fuck a guy who’s awake.” Ricky struggles and fights. but the 230-lbs of muscle holds him down. He’s smothered by the blond bodybuilder. With a moaning “Fuck!”, Ricky admits defeat.

“You win, big man. You win.” TAP! TAP! TAP!



Neither guy moves. Beau lies on Ricky but the teen powerhouse doesn’t mind. As I noticed earlier, he actually seems to the 230-lbs of beef pressing down on him. Ricky moans, “Damn, that was, like, the best match I ever had. Only my older brother ever gave me this much challenge but that’s a whole different thing, of course.”

I head to the laundry to put the clothes in the dryer. When I come back, Beau’s still lying on top but Ricky has flipped over so they’re face to face. They’re making out. The cowboy attacks the muscleboy’s neck to rave reviews. A lot of encouragement coming from the smaller stud as he’s ravaged. His hands caress Beau’s back and sides as he cries out for more.

Beau breaks, “You recovered?”

In response, Ricky flips them over. He slides down the blond bodybuilder, kissing his pecs, nipples and abs as he slowly makes it to the throbbing monster cock. The teen powerhouse grabs hold and engulfs the tip with his mouth. He slurps and sucks as his hand pumps the thick shaft. Beau is quickly moaning and writhing in ecstasy as a long day ends well.

The younger stud is surprisingly good at giving head, working the python like an expert. He goes down as far as he can, choking on the slab of meat before pulling off. A long trail of saliva runs from lips to tip as he looks up for affirmation. The cowboy gives it to him with a nod and smile. Ricky goes back to work, owning the blond bodybuilder’s monster cock.

Beau grunts, “Okay, enough.”

Ricky backs off but keeps hold, “You ready to move on, big man?”

“Question is, are you ready? You think you can handle that? If not, I can -”

The muscleboy interrupts, “I’m gonna handle it. It’ll hurt but I know it’ll be worth it.”

“I’ll make sure.”

The guys rise and shift. I toss Beau lube and protection as Ricky does some squats. The cowboy tells him to brace against the wall. The younger stud obeys, spreading his legs. The cowboy moves in and shoves his face into the waiting hole. He licks the teen powerhouse’s hole then buries his face between the mountainous muscular cheeks.

Ricky moans as he eaten out. Beau pulls off then lubes his index finger. He forces it inside the teen muscleman, working him open. More lube and the middle finger joins in, spreading the muscleboy’s hole. Ricky is moaning, telling Beau to keep going. The cowboy keeps lubing and working the hole. He finally pulls out and rises. Time for the main event.

Beau grabs Ricky’s hips with one hand as he guides his rock-hard cock forward. He slowly plunges inside the dark-haired hunk. The teen stud groans but visibly relaxes. The blond bodybuilder goes slowly and cautiously until he’s in halfway. Ricky gives permission, telling the bigger hunk to “breed me like a bitch”. The cowboy accepts and begins plowing in deep.

The fuck starts slow and gentle but Ricky keeps begging for more and harder. He’s adjusted damn well. That’s a lot of cock to take. The teen muscleboy channels his in her power bottom as he moans loudly. His own cock is leaking as he’s pounded by the bigger bodybuilder. The fuck is friendly but rough because that’s how they both want it.

Beau pulls out, “Get on your back. I wanna look at you.”

Ricky jumps to the mat and lifts his legs. The cowboy is back inside him immediately. The two musclemen stare at each other as Beau pounds the teen muscleboy’s amazing ass. Ricky starts talking dirty, letting Beau know he doesn’t need to hold back. The blond bodybuilder picks up steam and ravages the younger stud’s tight hole. It doesn’t take long.

The blond bodybuilder pulls out and rips his condom off. With one touch, he explodes all over Ricky’s chiseled torso. The teen muscleman looks at the ropes of cum hungrily as he’s marked. He sweeps his chest then seductively licks the cowboy’s cum off his finger. Beau drains his balls then sits back. Ricky reaches up to jerk himself but the bigger hunk stops him.

“No, save it for the shower.”

With that, Beau grabs Ricky’s hand and pulls him up with him. He grabs a towel and wraps it around his waist. The cowboy flexes and the teen muscleman admires his winning muscles. They head upstairs. I decide to clean up for them and wait for their laundry. Small price for what I just watched.

Cody Comes Home.

“Everything is going great, Cody. No surprises when we opened up the roof. The structural engineering reports were right. We’ll be done demo tomorrow. The inspector is coming the day after to confirm, but I’m not expecting any trouble. Gustavo will be here to meet with him to make sure it goes well then the crew and I’ll be back the day after to start the next phase.”

“Well, that’s all good to hear.”

“Remember, the crane will be here, too, so you guys need to move your cars early.”

“Got it.” Cody switches gears, “How was Beau?”

“Great. Big help. Even got his hands dirty hauling stuff. I told him he didn’t need to, but he insisted. The crew was happy. He’s a beast, working like two guys. Saved us half a day.”

“Good. I’m glad you two hit it off.”

I ask bluntly, “You’re not trying to set us up, are you?”

Cody looks genuinely surprised, but I’m not sure I can always tell when he’s faking it. He’s pretty good at lying when he wants to be. My buddy says, “If you mean like as a couple, no, of course not. If you mean as friends, I guess so? He’s staying here and you’re working here, so I want you two to get along. But beyond that, no, I’m not setting anything up.”

My eyes narrow as I try to read him. He just waits with his hands on his hips and regular smirk on his face. Cody’s just letting me try to figure it out. He’s a playful cuss. I decide he’s being honest. “Okay. Just wondering.”

“Don’t know why. You know I want you to hook up with Ry. Speaking of whom, he could really use some stress relief. You should call him.”

I let that go, deciding to play right back, “Brody said you got me this job to keep me in LA.”

“Brody has a big mouth. Yes, of course I’m trying to get you to stay. I thought that’d be obvious.” I nod, admitting I guessed as much once I really thought about how it all went down. “But that’s not the only reason I helped you find a perfect job, in a great city, a job that you love, and are perfect for, AND that you’d be crazy to quit in a couple of months.”


Cody smirks, “I mainly helped you because I’m your friend. And because I’m your friend, I know you were bored with nothing to do during the days, and I genuinely thought you’d enjoy it.” He gives me a flirty look to go with his smirk, “It’s great that you have such good buddies in LA. Guys who’re there for you. Can’t ever get lonely here.”

I laugh then tell him, “You can turn down the sell job, Cody. I’m actually flattered that you’re trying. And you’re right. I do like the job. But a job is one thing. Throwing young muscle at me is another. I don’t wanna get involved with anyone right now. No matter how young and hot.”

My buddy holds up his hand, “I know, I know. I swear that I’m not fixing you up.”

“Okay. I wouldn’t mind hanging out with him, but I don’t want any misunderstandings.”

Cody thinks then says, “Hey, you still got that extra ticket to the Foghorn Leghorn concert?”

“It’s Foster Longhorn and yeah, I guess I do. Unless you’ve changed your mind?” Cody frowns and scrunches up his nose. I try to entice him, “He's a hot country hunk.”

Cody gives me a look, “Let’s see, I’ve got the hottest country hunk around working on my roof and another crashing at my place right now. Brody’s one phone call away. Doug visits regularly. Yeah, I think I’m doing pretty well on the whole country boy thing.”

I laugh then ask seriously, “If I ask Beau, he won’t think it’s a date, will he?”

“No, I’ll be good.”

We turn and see the blond bodybuilder standing behind us. He’s showered up and wearing a pair of thin athletic shorts. Wow. So hot. Behind him emerges Ricky in his freshly washed work clothes. The muscular construction worker looks pretty happy. Not that I’m surprised. He had a hot match and a long fuck session with Beau. That’d put a smile on anyone’s face.

Ricky rubs Beau’s back, “See you tomorrow, big man.”

Once the teen muscleboy is gone, Cody looks at me then at Beau, “Okay, who was that?”

Beau laughs, “Just getting to know the guys who’re working on your roof, Cody.” He adds, “Nothing bad.” Cody wants more info, but Beau looks at me, “Buck, I’d love to go. I’m a big Foster fan. And I promise I won’t fall in love with you.” I feel embarrassed, which makes Beau smile. “Although it might hard when you look so damn cute blushing like that.”

I shake it off and focus, “One of Brody’s buddies is an event promoter and got me the tickets. Front row with backstage passes. Only thing is, it’s tomorrow night.”

“Hey, I’m on vacation with no plans. Can I treat you to dinner before the show? I kind of owe you after this morning.”

Cody remembers, “Oh yeah, you two wrestled. I need to hear about that, too.”

I ignore him, mainly just to drive him nuts. It’s fun to have Cody out of the loop for once. I nod, “Sounds fair, Beau. I’ll let Ram know you’re coming and we can work out details tomorrow.”

I say my goodbyes, brushing off Cody’s questions with vague answers about having fun. As I head down the stairs, I hear Cody ask Beau, “Okay, enough’s enough. Spill.”

The End


  1. Great story, and great new character. I was actually worried whether Beau was gonna win this one!


    1. Fun fact ... when I started writing, Ricky was going to win the first fall then get squashed. However, I ended up liking him too much and made it competitive.

  2. Replies
    1. Yes, FeBEAUrary is designed to lighten the mood with the character for a while. Win or lose, it won’t be quite so emo.