Sunday, February 9, 2020

Review: Guido Genatto vs. Elite Eliot (Wrestler4Hire)

Guido: Get the fuckin' tiara out. Get it out! The fuckin' queen is here. The fuckin' diva of all divas is here to fuckin' put you through the fuckin' wringer.

Yes, Guido Genatto calls himself the queen and diva, not his opponent. Being sexual and provocative is his brand and what makes him such a "sex god", so it's good to see him doing it in the right direction. He plays into his character a lot in this match from Wrestler4Hire, owning Elite Eliot from beginning to end. These two studs are hot and talented but this is entirely Guido's match. The young rising star is more a hot body than a wrestler against the hairy hunk.

Guido: "Just fuckin' destroyin' lives all fuckin' day."

This is an ultra-simple 100% squash. The video literally starts with the first lock-up. No story. No chatter (at first). Just two indie pro wrestlers locking up. From there, the entire match happens in the center of the ring, mostly aimed forward. Both guys do a good job playing directly to us through the camera. Guido talks to us, aims Eliot right and displays the pathetic loser for us. Eliot reaches out to us, spreads his legs and begs for mercy.

Guido: "It's good to be me."

Guido: "A little Masterlock challenge for your ass.
Big shout-out to my boy Chris. He's a true filthy fuck, too."

Guido: "Same shit, different smell."

It quickly becomes obvious that Eliot isn't going to do anything against the dirty daddy. This is probably my one complaint. This kind of role is great for some jobbers but I feel like Eliot no longer fits as a 100% victim without some kind of story. He's so talented. At least Guido's a beast so it's semi-logical and very hot. Still, I think I'm wanting to see Eliot's skills in all departments from now on.

Guido: "Good old fuckin' big body bearhugs.
Got you all trapped up."

Guido: "Look at you. Like you're outlined
in chalk like a dead fuckin' body."

Guido: "Just another day in the
fuckin' life of a fuckin' sex god."

Action-wise, this is basically Guido running through a series of holds and moves using Eliot as his hapless wrestling dummy. The moves don't necessarily link to one another. It felt like the wrestling equivalent of stream of consciousness where Guido applies, tortures, mocks then decides to try something else. Everything is long-held, like a series of vignettes for 18 minutes.

Guido: "Look at those balls. Fuckin' glistening in the golden
sun over here. Fuckin' lookin' like a grilled cheese sandwich."

Guido: "Seems like I'm in complete and total control
of you and your little sack of Kraft American cheese."

Guido: "Take those fuckin' slices of
cheese to church. Straight to Satan's lair."

In the end, I enjoyed this because it's Guido doing what Guido does best. The hairy beast is truly in his element. His physical and verbal skills keep things moving through the whole 18 minutes. And, of course, Eliot looks stunning getting his ass kicked in his yellow trunks.

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