Thursday, February 13, 2020

Review: Scrappy vs. Jaxx Thanatos (Muscleboy Wrestling)

Full disclosure: This video was sent to me by Muscleboy Wrestling.

Sean Pford often comments after one of my stories that some element in it is his "one weakness." I always smile when I read it. He's got to be up to 30 or 40 "one weaknesses" by now. I do the same thing when I describe wrestlers as perfect. I must have about 30 or 40 different definitions of perfection by now. And I stand by all of them. Including both guys in Scrappy vs. Jaxx Thanatos. Literally two PERFECT studs.

Game recognizes game.
Perfect recognizes perfect.

Calling Jaxx Thanatos a muscle BOY could be the biggest case of false advertising since the movie The NeverEnding Story. He's all muscle MAN. Jaxx comes to MBW a hairy hunky beast that is literally perfect. Macho and masculine, his beefy body is perfectly packed into red trunks and a red jock. He's confident and strong but he's not arrogant or an asshole. Just a rough and rugged dude looking for a fight.

And if you want a fight, Scrappy is your guy. The two-time Cavey winner for Favorite Wrestler is also literally perfect. His body is incredibly sculpted. His face and hair are young and playful. His personality is charmingly arrogant and adorably assholish at times with a hint of sadism coming through. The young stud is supremely confident, no matter the odds. And he makes everyone he wrestles that much better.

6'1"/220-lbs is a lightweight to Scrappy.

The sexy beast gets primal.

That's 175-lbs of fireplug crashing down.

Jaxx joins Alex, Brendan and Nick as a worthy (muscle) MAN amongst (muscle) boys. Fortunately with Scrappy that doesn't mean it's a squash. No, this is totally back-and-forth. Scrappy knows how to handle big men convincingly. Jaxx shows vulnerable masculinity. He's not an unbeatable monster which just makes me like him more. I really had no idea who'd win in the end.

Considering how often Scrappy wrestles and for how many companies, you'd think we've seen it all. Yeah, he's faced big, hairy, and older, but this felt new and different. I really can't think of a guy he's faced like Jaxx. The two guys are a perfect contrast and yet they have great chemistry. I really like how they play off each other from beginning to the very end when the winner smirks, "Til next time" and the loser wakes up asking, "Where's he at? Tell him I want some more."

Scrappy always gives a great performance.

Jaxx is tough but the wall is tougher.

The sexy beast goes back to basics.

Action-wise, the MBW mat room has really grown on me. In fact, for rookies with limited range of holds and moves, I now believe that it is way better than the ring. I've seen a couple of ring matchups that I think would've been even better in the mat room. Here, these guys wrestle a fast-paced, hard-hitting match. The action is basic but smoking hot, especially as Jaxx gets pumped and sweaty.

It's back and forth until the end.

Scrappy looks good up on those massive shoulders.

And just as good pinning the big man. 

In the end, Jaxx has a ton of potential to be among my favorite big studs. Everyone looks good against Scrappy, so I won't go too overboard but he's got the physical gifts and personality to win my heart. This is a highly competitive and extremely sexy battle between completely different studs.

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  1. Jaxx is just breathtaking. The fact that he gets roughed up by Scrappy in his first match just makes it all the better. Incredible debut!

    1. I agree 100%. Awesome debut. I’m anxiously waiting for more Jaxx!