Saturday, February 1, 2020

The Cave Unleashed 11: Beau vs. Buck

Cody’s Place. 6:30am.

“Sorry for doing this so early, Buck. Jae and I both have 7:00 clients at the gym.”

“It’s okay, Cody. I’m a farmer. I’m always up at the crack of dawn and I’m still not really on LA time. Why did you - oh.”

I stop talking as we hit the second-floor landing in Cody’s place. The whole first floor is Cody’s private gym and this floor is a big three-bedroom apartment where he lives with his boyfriend Jae. I’m in charge of the project to transform his roof into a garden retreat. We start work today but I got the sense there’s something more to this than just a final run-through.

If there’s anything wrong, I’m going to do my best to make him happy. Cody’s only my client because he got me the job. He’s mostly a good friend. Actually, I already consider him my second-best friend out here. I’m only here for the winter and my friendship with Cody is one of the things I’ll miss the most when I head back to my farm in a couple of months. He’s the best.

Anyway, I stop talking because there’s a naked guy in Cody’s kitchen. Like full naked, except for a pair of orange headphones. I’m not some kind of prude. I’m only shocked because he’s so hot. Like real hot. Young, maybe 21 or 22. 6’1”. Probably 230 or 240. Blond. Bodybuilder. Hung like a fucking horse. Strutting around holding a glass, singing a country song. Wow.

The guy grabs some water then turns. He sees us and smiles, uninhibited by our presence. Of course, after a wrestling match, I’ve walked around Cody’s place naked, too, so I guess he’s just following house rules? But there’s no way Cody or Jae wrestled him already. Maybe last night? The muscular hunk reaches for his phone, pauses his music and pulls down his headphones. He sets down his glass then comes over to see what’s going on.

Cody introduces us, “Buck, this is Beau. Beau, Buck. Buck is leading the roof garden project. And Beau is staying with us for the next three weeks or so. He’s offered to help with things while Jae and I are working. So, you might be seeing a lot of each other. I’ve briefed him but wanted you two to meet. He’ll try to help with anything you need.”

We shake hands and say hi. He seems nice. From Texas, I’m betting from the accent.

Cody says, “You two have a lot in common.” I look at him, wondering what we could possibly have in common. He explains, “You’re both gorgeous wrestlers that I’ve beaten multiple times.” We both laugh. “Seriously, look at the two of you. You’re like two of the biggest, hottest guys I know. A matching set of twin muscle gods. That I’ve beaten. Multiple times.”

I snort, “Funny. But if you think I look like his twin, you need your eyes checked, buddy.”

Beau says, “Hold on.” He reaches out and grips my shoulder, squeezing it. He runs his other hand over my stomach, “Dude, this tee doesn’t hide the truth. You’re built.” I blush. The young stud lightly punches my pec. THUD! THUD! THUD! “And solid. Yeah, I’m seeing it, Cody.”

“You’re also both here in LA - maybe temporarily, maybe permanently - to figure a few things out. You’re both country boys. Into the same awful music. Buck owns a farm and,” Cody turns to me, “Beau grew up on a ranch and works on one now.” That gets our attention. Cody asks me to walk Beau through the plans then him and Jae head out to the gym where they work as personal trainers when they’re not seeing private clients downstairs.

Beau apologizes for being naked, saying he thought I was coming at 7. He asks if I want him to put on shorts or something. I tell him he’s fine in every sense of the word. We move to the counter and I pull out the plans and schedule. I review when we’re coming and what we’re doing. There are a ton of logistics. He asks a lot of questions. I answer them all. Other than him being naked, it’s a pretty standard meeting. He seems like a good guy. Quiet, but not shy.

When we’re done, we still have more than an hour before the crew arrives. Even though Cody’s building is on a busy commercial street, we can’t start work until 8:00am because there are houses nearby. Beau and I talk about life on my farm and on his ranch. We talk about how we both ended up in LA for these extended breaks. He’s pretty guarded on that, so I let him change the subject. We get to wrestling.

I tell him, “Don’t take this the wrong way, but looking at you, I can’t believe Cody beat you. And more than once?”

The young stud shrugs, “Well, he’s never gotten my best. First time was a battle royale and second time ...” There’s the hesitation again, like when he was talking about what brought him to LA. The guy has something going on. He finishes, “... I was distracted. One day I’ll beat him.” Beau taps my stomach with the back of his hand, “What about you, big man?”

“Oh, yeah. Well, I guess you could say I was distracted, too. Cody’s ... well, he’s distracting.”

Beau laughs knowingly, “I get that.”

“I did beat him in tag with my buddy Brody - have you met him?” Beau shakes his head. “You’ll like him. Anyway, when I came out here to visit, I never thought I’d be hanging with guys like Cody and his friends. They’re all so gorgeous.” I nod at Beau, “Well, look who I’m telling.”

“Buck, you’re every bit as hot as Cody and his friends. Me included.”

“You’re sweet.”

“I notice you sell yourself short. Is that a thing you do to disarm folks or is it for real?” Beau studies my face then answers for me, “Okay. A little bit of both, am I right?”

“You’re pretty good at reading guys.”

“I’m better at riding them.” Beau looks for my reaction as I laugh. He’s cocky now. And why shouldn’t he be. The blond bodybuilder says, “You done The Cave thing, yet?”

“Oh yeah. And some matches for Rival Pro Wrestling. Brody’s a co-owner of that.”

After I explain all about RPW, we stare at each other. I can’t resist asking, “Wanna wrestle now? I got an hour to kill.”

“Uh, no.” Beau hesitates, adding, “Sorry, I, uh, can’t.”

“Oh. Okay. Just a thought. Of course, you have other stuff to do. Don’t let us hold you up at any point today.”

“Uh, well, no, I’ll be hanging out here all day.” Beau quickly says, “Don’t take it the wrong way. I just got thinking to do.”

“It’s okay, Beau. You’re allowed to say no to a wrestling match.”

“I know but I don’t wanna offend you. Like, normally I’d love to wrestle you. I’m just not in the right place right now.” I look him up and down then over at the mats Cody always has down. He notices so he quickly says, “I don’t mean physically or geographically. Yeah, this is a great place to wrestle. I mean, emotionally. I’d say no to anyone.”

I smirk, “It’s not me, it’s you?”

“Right.” The cowboy shakes his head, “Wait, no. It’s not an excuse like you mean it. It really is me. It’s ... complicated.”

“Okay. Seriously, I’m not offended.”

“Yeah, you say that, but I really do want you to believe me. You seem like an awesome guy and you’re really hot.” Beau sighs, “Look, I almost killed Cody wrestling yesterday.”

“Wow. Okay.” I think then ask, “But I thought he beat you?”

“Uh, yeah, he did.”

“So, after he beat you, you went off or something?”

“No. I snapped before he beat me.” I raise an eyebrow. Beau tries to explain, “See, we were wrestling and I got rough and he had to clean knock me out.”

“Ah. Okay.”

I must look unconvinced because he says, “Well, you had to be there. It was so bad that Jae was even going to step in.”

I try to lighten the mood, “Wow, that must’ve put a real damper on stakes.”

“Actually, we had the best -” Beau pauses. I laugh. He says, “Look, it’s not like that, either. I don’t think I’m explaining it right. It’s just not the right time. Maybe some other time?”

I shrug, “Sure.”

“I mean it. We will wrestle before I leave town. Promise.”

“Beau, it’s cool.”

“So, you’re not offended?”

“Beau, I’m really not. I’m glad you told me. It’s the right call. I don’t even want to wrestle you now.”

“You don’t?”

“No, I’m good. I would never take advantage of a guy like that.”

“Okay.” Beau slowly asks, “What do you mean, take advantage?”

“Well, I mean, I wrestle for stakes.”

“What do you think I wrestle for?”

“Right, but you’re vulnerable and all I’m saying is that I wouldn’t feel right beating you now.”

I see his muscles instinctively tighten and his pecs bounce as he says, “I wouldn’t say I’m vulnerable, exactly.”

“No, of course not. I just mean that if your head’s not in the game, we shouldn’t wrestle. It wouldn’t be fair. I wouldn’t enjoy it and neither would you. Let’s just forget about it. I’ve got work I can do. How ‘bout I make us both a real country breakfast?”

“Good luck. Cody doesn’t stock for that. But, you know, maybe we could wrestle.”

“No, thanks.”

“You’re serious.”

“Yeah, the moment has passed. Maybe some other time.”

I turn away and look at my phone. Beau comes in behind me and grabs me around the waist. The naked blond bodybuilder pulls me back against his granite body. He lifts my feet off the floor. I set my phone down on the counter and then let him carry me across the room onto the mats. Being in his reverse bearhug feels great. The cowboy throws me down. SPLAT!

“Strip down, Buck. Suddenly, I’m in the mood to wrestle.”

I’m not arguing. I strip down naked and start stretching.

Let’s Wrestle.

It’s not quite 7, so I give Cody a call to ask permission. He’s all for it but gives me a warning. I just listen, but it only confirms what Beau already told me. He gives me some suggestions and I appreciate his advice. Cody only asks that we use the main floor mats. He doesn’t have any clients here today and it’ll give us big boys some more room and less chance of breaking anything. Works for us.

As I loosen up, I think about Beau. He’s gonna be one hell of a challenge. Especially if he gets ornery. I don’t wanna just lie down for him. That’s not me. So, I need to wrestle hard but not rile him up. Cody said he’s sensitive to any kind of humiliation, even playful kind. I’m cool with that. It’s not who I am anyway. As I finish stretching, I think that I have a game plan to win.

Beau comes down. He’s pumped and a little sweaty so I know he warmed up upstairs. The guy is gorgeous in white briefs. So young, smooth and perfect. Whatever is going on inside, you sure wouldn’t know it from the outside. We shake hands. He compliments my choice of trunks. I’m freeballin’ in pink satin. I lie that it’s just what I pulled out from Cody’s stash but he sees through that, smiling to himself.

We bend forward and swat hands. I can tell we’re both a little tentative, so I charge in. We lock up with a collar-and-elbow. Both of us just push forward, like we’re trying to barrel through the other guy. It’s a good test-of-strength to get us comfortable with each other. I can tell he’s strong as an ox but I’m holding my own. I get pushed back a step but that’s it. We break.

Beau nods, “Nice, farmer.”

“Back at you, cowboy. Looks like I don’t need to hold back.”

“Was thinking the same thing. You’re cool with body work?” I nod. “I knew it.”

We lock up again. Again, it’s a test of our power and pride. Normally, we’d be fighting to use this to get some hold on. Not us. Not now. We’re two simple bulls going for the most primal test of our manhood. It’s all about strength. Like last time, he starts to overpower me but I focus and this time, I get him going back a step. We break. We’re both smiling and nodding.

On our third lock up, I’m done with testing him or proving myself. When Beau pushes, I twist and spin. He falls forward and I easily lock on a side headlock. I squeeze hard, flexing my bicep into his ear as I pull him tight against my rock-hard side muscle wall. When the big blond bodybuilder pushes against me, I secure it tighter and he stays locked up.

With my left hand, I can rub the top of his head. I brush his thick blond hair. He moans. I don’t do it in a teasing way. No, I heard Cody on that. I do it in a sensual way. And it works. He’s distracted, letting me do another lap around the mat before he hammers my back with full-force forearms. WHOMP! WHOMP! WHOMP! I’m forced to let go and step forward.

Beau rises. He uses his fingers to brush his hair. I can see the outline of his cock more clearly. It’s grown at least an inch longer and a might bit thicker already. The cowboy shakes it off. I pound my left pec. THUMP! THUMP! THUMP! He gets the point and we move in fast. We bash chests. THUD! I bounce back. From his smile, I can tell he’s proud of that.

We come in again. This time, he goes backwards. THUD! Now, it’s my turn to smile. On the third try, we hit really hard. WHOMP! We both bounce back then come right back in and hold our position. Our pecs mash together and we stare each other down. I press my hips forward, making sure our bulges touch. He matches me and we rub our pouches together.

Beau steps back first. He lifts his arms and flexes, “Get ‘em up, farmer. Let’s see those guns.”

I decide to do it, flexing my biceps. I’m not ashamed to admit he’s got me beat. The guy is ripped and his arms are ridiculous. But mine are big, too, and I know they’re strong. I enjoy looking at the blond bodybuilder a little more then lower my arms. I tell him he’s incredible. He compliments me. Keeping everything light and friendly like we’ve been buddies for years instead of acquaintances for minutes.

We lock up. This time, I try to go low, but Beau is ahead of me. He uses my move to push me down. I stumble between his legs and he locks those huge thighs around my head. FUCK! They’re as hard as concrete posts. When he flexes them, I feel like my skull my crack. Whoa, the pain is blinding. I groan loudly. Damn. I rub his legs and fight to focus on escape.

I lift my knee up under my body and plant my foot. I breathe in and ignore the pain. Beau guesses what I’m going to do, so instead of letting me lift him up, he lets go. Works for me. Anything to be outta that scissors. The handsome cowboy spins around behind me. He grabs me around the waist then lifts me up like I weigh nothing. The guy literally throws me over. I land hard on the mat. SPLAT!

I fight to get up, but Beau is there. He puts his knee in my back and uses his weight to push me back down. SPLAT! Holding me down, he grabs my left arm, twists and forces it up into an armbar. I feel the pressure in my shoulder. Fuck! My shoulder doesn’t bend that way. I moan in pain, overselling the hold a little. It hurts but not like the scissors.

Beau goes for the kill, pushing my arm forward. I manage to roll my shoulder and spin under him. The pressure goes away and I roll out from under his knee onto my back. He rises and I lie between his legs. I reach out and caress his calves. He hesitates, looking down at me. We enjoy this brief pause but both of us are waiting for the other to try something.

I go first. As I slide my hands down his calves, I grip tightly and pull as fast and hard as I can. He actually lets me try, figuring I won’t be able to topple him but I surprise him by lifting my knees up at the same time. They slam into the backs of his knees and they buckle. WHACK! Beau falls backwards, landing on his ass. PLOP! I roll over and around into a crouch.

The cowboy is slow to rise but I know that he’s more embarrassed than hurt. I come in fast. We lock up but I spin around, getting behind Beau. I reach around his remarkably trim waist. He squats, trying to block me. I try to counter his counter. We struggle for control. My bulge rubs on his ass. As he pushes my hands down, I brush his bulge. I can’t resist taking a longer grope. The blond bodybuilder freezes, letting out a soft moan.

I whisper, “Wow, impressive.”

Beau lets out a small laugh, “If you’re impressed now, just wait.”

I kiss his back then let go, stepping back. Beau turns and his white trunks aren’t hiding anything. He adjusts and I just enjoy the view. The cowboy takes his time, putting on a show for me. He thinks I’m enthralled by his meat (and I am, just not as much as he thinks). Beau suddenly charges, trying to catch me off guard. I dodge and manage to trip him to the mat. SPLAT!

I jump on his back. I kiss the back of his neck as I go for a full nelson. Beau isn’t fooled. He blocks me then pushes up, throwing me off. I roll all the way across the mats and onto the floor. I’ve never felt more like a lightweight than I do right now. I smile at being the world’s only 240-lbs lightweight. The young bull is just that strong.

Beau rubs the back of his neck as we rise. He asks, “You going to be serious?”

I adjust my growing bulge, “Am I not being serious?”

“You sounded very Cali right there, farmer.” I laugh. His eyes narrow, “I see your game.”

“You gonna play?”

In response, I get a surprise foot to my abs. THUD! OOF! I bend forward, letting him slap his deadly leg scissors back around my head. I moan as he reaches forward and slaps my ass. SPANK! Beau says, “I play by my rules.” He hammers a forearm across my back and I drop to both knees. I feel him stand up because the pressure goes up. His legs flex and I gasp.

I let out a loud moan, gripping his thighs. I gasp out, “I know you’re flexing over me.”

The cowboy laughs, “Good, I want you to know. I look damn good doing it, too.”

I think about going for a back body drop again but I know he’s ready for that. He’ll never let me get my feet planted. I slide my hands down behind his knees. I feather touch them. HEY! I tickle the back of his knees and get lucky that it’s a spot for him. FUCK! Beau starts twitching and gyrating. STOP! I manage to free my head and trip him down onto his back. WHAM!

Holding Beau’s ankles, I roll him up into a pin. I force his toes to the mat and use my weight to press his shoulders down. He looks up at me as my bulge grinds on his hole with only two sweaty layers of spandex between us. We’re face-to-face. I stop bouncing, humping his ass. The cowboy moans and grimaces. He’s not trying to break free, though.

The blond muscle beast asks, “Gonna count or you just gonna play?”

“If you insist. ONE. You gonna escape or you just wanna jump to stakes? You want a lot more of this?” I bounce again, smashing my bulge on his taint.

Beau laughs, “I’m glad I agreed to wrestle you.”

I correct him, “Actually, I agreed to wrestle you. Remember, I said ‘no’ last. By the way? That’s two.”

The cowboy roars and kicks up, stretching. His body and throwing me off. I roll to my knees and I’m immediately met by a diving shoulder block. THUD! OOF! I fall back but quickly roll over, getting back to my knees. I lose track of the blond bodybuilder, Edna bling him to get in behind me with a full nelson. ARGH! He pushes forward, driving me down, face first. CRACK!

Beau rubs my face along the sweat-soaked mat. He squeezes the full nelson hard. I can’t power out, so I lift my hips up trying to rise. Beau slams his package down into my ass, flattening me down. SPLAT! He says, “Maybe you’re the one who wants to jump to stakes?”

I laugh, “No way. I got a lot more rounds left in me.”

“That a submission for this round?”


The cowboy suddenly squeezes harder on the full nelson and I feel my shoulders collapse. His 230-lbs on me feels like more like 500 and my face is mashed down on the resilite mat. I struggle but he’s so fucking powerful. He starts dry humping me and I like it too much. I decide to lose the battle to continue the war.

“Okay, okay. I give.”

Beau releases me and rolls off. I push up onto my knees and roll my shoulders out. I push on my chin to adjust my neck. I see Beau’s hand in front of my face. I accept and he pulls me to my feet. We hug it out. I make sure to confirm that I want to keep going.

Beau slaps my ass, “Glad to hear it, farmer.”

Round Two

I come in slowly to Beau. He smirks as he sees submission in my eyes. The cowboy lets me come right up until we’re pressing our bodies together. I push my pink-spandex package into his white-spandex bulge. The young bull ain’t gonna back down from that. He meets my challenge. I put my hands on his waist and we have some good old-fashioned fun.

Our eyes are locked. I pack a good-sized piece of meat but I can guess that his young cock is bigger. Doesn’t matter. I’m just keeping him smiling. The blond bodybuilder doesn’t react with anything more than a smile when I wrap my arms around his waist. I pull him against me. He’s still smirking and grinding his bulge against my package. We’re both hard as heck.

When I suddenly increase the pressure, Beau looks surprised. I keep smiling, even as my hug turns into a bearhug. He puts his hands on my shoulders, pushing. I go all out, leaning back and lifting him off the mat. I squeeze real hard. He lifts his legs, bracing them on me. I can see the pain and frustration on his face as he fights to escape. I keep squeezing.

Beau’s groaning now. Like a python, every breath he takes, I tighten up more. I’m locked in. I shake him back and forth. FUCK! The cowboy still can’t seem quite believe he’s trapped. His only counter is pushing on me. I use that to my advantage, weakening him. I lift him up high again. ARGH! I lean my head forward and nuzzle my face between his pecs.

The young bull moans. “OH! Fuck, you sneaky bastard!”

Oh, that means he’s getting it. Before Beau can fight back for real, I turn and drive him down onto the mat. BOOM! He’s stunned by the impact. He writhes on the mat, reaching for his back. I drive my foot down onto his meaty pecs. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! The cowboy groans. The stomps aren’t all out but they get him flat on his back, which is where I want him.

I step over the cowboy then drop down into a schoolboy pin. I slide up to make sure that my bulge is on his chin. I shift my hips back and forth, rubbing my balls on his chin. Beau opens his mouth and doesn’t fight me. I lean back, reaching for his bulge. I grab it, giving the big package a healthy squeeze. He moans as I play with his manhood. It’s growing.

I tease, “Looks like someone’s having fun.”

“Two someone’s are having fun.”

Beau lifts his chin into my pouch and sucks on my balls through my trunks. Now I’m the one moaning. Partly because it’s hot. And partly because I want him to know that I’m hot. The blond bodybuilder suddenly fights and throws me off him. I fall onto my back and open my legs, making an inviting target for the rock-hard hunk. He dives at me.

As soon as he’s close, I lift my legs. I crunch up and grab his arm. I pull it up my body as I close my legs around his head. Beau fights but I’ve caught him off-guard. He’s thinking play and I’ve just trapped him in a very serious triangle choke. Yeah, it was a dirty trick but I need to be a little sneaky to handle this young bull. And it works. One hard squeeze and he’s tapping.


I open up my legs and he rolls over onto his back. I roll around and lie on top of him. We lock eyes and smile. He says, “That was pretty clever.” I rub his head and lean down for a kiss. We make out. When we break, the cowboy says, “I’m playing for keeps now.”

“Bring it on, big boy.”

Round Three

We drink some water. I’ve still got a few ice cubes in my glass. As they clink, I get an idea. I quietly spin the water around, waiting casually. I pull out one of the cubes and put it in my mouth. As Beau stretches to the sides, I slip behind him. I spit the ice cube into my right hand. I reach around and slip it into the front of the tight white trunks. He jumps away.

Beau dances, “You’re a son of a bitch.”

“And you’re loving it.”

The cowboy tries to get the cube out. He finally just peels down his white trunks. The cube falls to the mat as he strips naked. He picks up the ice cube and throws it at me. I laugh, so he throws the white trunks at me. I grab them and hold them over my mouth and nose. I breathe in deeply.

Beau breaks into a smile and grabs his junk, “Why settle for those? You can get on your knees and sniff the real thing.”

I toss the trunks aside and move in. I stand in front of the naked bodybuilder and we lock eyes. I drop to my knees. PLOP! I lean in and take a big whiff. SNIFF! Beau’s cock is hard and sticking out beside my head. I keep breathing in his crotch scent. The boy is hot as fuck and now, I’m horny as hell. I rise up and nod, “Damn, you smell amazing.”

The cowboy grabs the front of my bulging trunks, tugging them. He flirts, “You gonna join me?”

“Sorry, boy, but you’re gonna have to take mine.”

“Challenge accepted.”

We lock up immediately. I push so we go high then I slip free and dive in low. I grab his leg and rise fast. I lift it up high, tripping him down. SPLAT! I leap down on top of him. We start grappling, each trying for control. I’m going for his arm. He’s going for my trunks. We roll over and back. I’m on top then the bottom. I get him in a headlock. He punches his way out. THUD!

I spin and pin him down. He fights and pushes his arms up. I try to slide my legs back for a grapevine. He bridges up and throws me over onto my back. Beau spins around, holding me down with his weight and power. He gets my head between his legs as he stretches down my body. I feel his hands at my waistband. I throw my body to the right, rolling us over.

I get my head free then reverse things. I get my legs around his head. I feel him grab my butt. He squeezes then slides up to grab my trunks. He gets his fingers inside the waistband. He’s strong and he’s good on the mats, but he keeps going for my trunks. It gives me the chance to not just keep things even but get a second fall. I work out my next three moves.

As Beau gets my trunks halfway down my ass. I press my hands down on his thighs. I lift my hips into what Cody calls downward dog. I know nothing about yoga, but it keeps him from doing anything more. Better, it lifts his head in my scissors, straining his neck. The cowboy moans. I bounce to increase the pressure and keep him from thinking of a counter.

Beau finally escapes, pushing me off. He sits up, rubbing his neck. Perfect. I dive at him, locking on a front facelock. I force my arms under his armpits and fight to lock my hands behind his back. He fights the guillotine. I work it. My hands are so close but he’s so wide and such a fucking powerhouse. We’re not moving but locked in this battle for control.

I finally get my hands locked. I pull down and forward, upping the pressure. Beau’s hands swing weakly. I pull my hands in tighter. That’s all it takes. He cries out a submission.


I release the hold and fall back onto my back. After all that grappling, I’m sweaty and exhausted. But I’m up a fall.

I ask, “Best two-out-of-three?”

The cowboy says, “If you want. But if you do best three-out-of-five, I’ll make it worth it.”

I laugh, “I bet.” I can’t deny him, “Yeah, okay, I’ll beat you one more time.”

Beau slithers on top of me. He leans down and kisses me. I let him kiss down my body to my bulge. He pulls down the front of my pink trunks. The cowboy starts sucking my cock. I moan as he works on my cock. Wow, for a big alpha bodybuilder, he’s damn good at blowjobs. He pulls off and crawls up my body, “You like?” I nod. He winks with a smile.

Round Four

Beau pulls me up. He kisses me then locks on a surprise bearhug. His arms crush my waist. I groan and throw my head back. I push against his body but he’s so strong. I’m struggling to breathe. This is a most powerful bearhug I’ve ever been in and I wasn’t expecting it. I get my head up. “No fair! This is my move!”

“Steal from the best.”

The cowboy shakes me. I feel like a lightweight again. I go from side to side. When he stops, I get desperate. I stick my finger in my mouth and suck on it. Beau seems confused and I feel the pressure ease. I whip my wet finger up and into his ear. I twist it and he twitches. I tickle his ear and push to get free. He loses the bearhug and backs up, “Talk about no fair!”

I wink at him, “All’s fair.”

Before Beau can respond, I kick up into his abs. THUD! OOF! The cowboy bends forward but he dives at me. His shoulder slams into my gut. WHOMP! Suddenly, I’m lifted up onto his shoulder. I hang here as he grips my ass and hamstring. The blond bodybuilder pats my ass as he circles the mat. He bounces up and down, driving his shoulder into my abs. OOF!

The young bull yanks my trunks down off my ass then spanks me. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! I thrash on his shoulder, but he keeps me locked up. Beau says, “I got a wet willy for you.” I suddenly feel his wet finger slide between my cheeks. Uh oh. He presses his wet finger at my hole then slides it inside. I moan and laugh as he finger fucks me.

I kick hard and he’s forced to drop me. Beau keeps hold of my trunks. As I fall, my trunks slide down my legs until they’re at my ankles. He wraps them around his hand and pulls them off completely. My feet fall to the mat as he smells my trunks. “You’re in trouble now, farmer. I got your scent.”

I spread my legs and put my hands behind my head, “Put your head between my legs and take a big whiff.”

Beau laughs and moves in. I try to surprise him with a big kick. He’s ready, grabbing my ankle. The cowboy flips me over in a single leg crab. As he sits down, I feel the pain in my back. I moan in the hold. I try to push up, but he fights me. I try to kick free, but he holds me. When his hand reaches down and bounces my dangling balls on his hand.

“C’mon now, kid. That’s a whole different level.”

Beau says, “I’m just teasing you.”

I relax a little as he stands up and the pressure eases on my back. Unfortunately, Beau doesn’t let go of my leg. He switches to an ankle lock. I feel the pain intensify immediately and I have to tap. WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! The cowboy releases me and my leg falls to the mat. PLOP! I roll over as he spins around. The blond bodybuilder fluffs his bulge as he checks out my body.

“All tied up, farmer.”

“Then I guess we better get wrestling.”

Round Five

Beau takes me literally. He dives down on top of me. We grapple, rolling around. It’s a little playful at first but gets real serious real fast. With our asses and, more importantly, our pride on the line, it’s no time for fooling around. Neither one of us can get the upper hand so all we get is nice and sweaty then push apart. We towel off then circle the mat.

We lock up. Once again, neither of us can get the advantage. The young bull is really grunting. I think he’s getting frustrated at not being able to overpower me. I’m actually getting tired, so I decide to go for it. I fall back and twist, letting his momentum carry him forward. He falls flat on his face. SPLAT! I dive on his back, going for a full nelson. I lock it one tight.

Beau moans under me. My rock-hard cock splits his cheeks and he gasps. I lift my hips to avoid penetrating him. That really wouldn’t be fair. The cowboy roars and pushes his arms down. I lose my grip and decide to let go before he powers out. We roll away and rise. The cowboy barrels at me. I’m swept back by his charge, slamming back into the wall. WHAM!

The blond bodybuilder kisses me and grabs my junk. I melt. He says, “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing. Absolutely nothing.”

The cowboy presses his body on top of mine. Our cocks sway into each other, starting a sexy swordfight. I go for a bearhug but he’s ready. Beau blocks my arms, pushing them to my side. He steps back then pounds his fists into my body. POW! POW! POW! I take the gut shots, actually enjoying the feeling of the ab bashing. When it becomes too much, I push him back.

Beau and I lock up, He powers me into a headlock. Fuck, it hurts. I can tell that my forehead has gone red. Before I can counter, the blond bodybuilder hip tosses me over. WHAM! He drives his knee into my gut. WHOMP! OOF! Taking all those ab punches might’ve been a mistake. Fortunately, he pauses to flex, giving me the chance to throw him off.

I spin into a crouch. When he comes at me, I dive in with a tackle. Beau rolls with the tackle, grabbing me around the shoulders. He manages to twist me around. We fall to the mat with me on the bottom. SPLAT! OOF! The cowboy slides up, forcing his junk on my face. I’m cool with that. I grab his dick in my mouth and suck him.

The blond bodybuilder realizes his mistake and tries to rise off me, but I grab his cock and pull him back down. I jerk his massive rod as I suck on the head. He goes weak over me, resting on his forearms and knees. I flip him onto his back and keep the blowjob going. I decide that he’s weak and distracted enough. Time to end this.

As I pull off, Beau shocks me. He forces me back down, impaling my mouth on his cock. That’s all cool but I quickly realize that he was playing me. His tree trunks legs swing up and trap me in a head scissors. I gasp and fight hard. It’s too late!

Beau says, “You can keep sucking but first, you gotta give.”

I moan, “NO!”

The cowboy tries harder but I somehow hold on. He opens his legs and I fall to the side. I want to mount a comeback but I need a second. I don’t get one. He drags me up and scoops me across his chest. The young bull is still incredibly strong. He bodyslams me down. BOOM! I feel drained. I writhe on the mat. Beau drags me up again.

I wobble as he turns his shoulders into my side. With a squat and lift, I go up on his shoulders. Not a place I’m used to being. I feel pain in my back. I am not built for this. I gotta give.

“I submit! I submit!”

Beau drops me and I moan on the mat while he flexes over me. The young bull is still hot and looks fresher and stronger than ever. I should’ve stopped after three falls.

Cleaning Up.

“Buck, I really owe you. That was Been a couple of months since I actually enjoyed wrestling a guy. You’re tough and hot and I love your style.”

I blush, “Aw, thanks, Beau. I kinda think I got the better end of the deal, wrestling a hot young bull like you.” I reach out and rub his pec. I slide my hand down, grabbing his cock. He grunts as I slide my hand up and down his hard on. “At least, I hope this is still the deal?” I look at the clock, “How do you feel about finishing up in the shower?”

“You can feel how I feel, farmer.”

I give the mat a quick spray and wipe while Beau heads upstairs to get the shower hot and steamy. I’m up there in two minutes and he’s rinsed off. I toss my pink trunks into the hamper and join him. Beau rinses me off, “Damn, I finally got you naked.” I laugh then push him against the marble shower wall. I kiss him then work my mouth down his ripped torso.

Beau moans encouragingly as I worship him. He rubs my head and pushes his pelvis forward. I look up then dive in on his thick, huge cock. The guy is a real stud everywhere. I go to work. My hand and mouth work in unison to get him gasping. He mutters, “Yeah, that’s it. Oh fuck, yeah.” I can already feel how much he’s enjoying my work from the size of his rod.

I suck him until he stops me. I rise up and see the protection on the shelf. I turn my ass to him and he slaps my cheek. SPANK! I wait until he’s ready. He works some lube inside me then grabs my hips. I grit my teeth as he powers inside me. I cry out, telling to fuck me. I moan what a man he is and that gets him going. He plows in deeper, splitting my ass in two.

Beau’s huge and his cock fills me up real nice. I grunt as he gets into a rhythm. I feel his giant rod and it feels so good. The cowboy’s a good fuck, topping me with ease. He reaches out his long arm and grabs my shoulder as I arch my back. The blond bodybuilder keeps working, building up steam. I hear him gasping then he screams. I feel the warmth as he fills the condom with his load.

The cowboy backs up, sliding out of me. I spin around and start jerking my cock. Beau stops me. He says, “No, that goes in me.” I must look shocked. He smiles, “C’mon, you won two-out-of-three. I appreciate you keep going when you could’ve won.”

I decide not to argue. My cock is throbbing way too much. He turns in Cody’s extra-large shower. I sheathe my cock then move in. I’m in him fast. He’s a surprisingly good bottom. I didn’t think he’d have that much practice, but he takes my cock like a pro. I quickly feel my load building as I plow his ass. He begs me to go rougher and I got no problem with that.

I roughly fuck his ass until I feel my cock screaming. I pull out, strip off the protection then explode all over his smooth white ass. AH! I drain my balls then fall forward on top of him. He spins around and holds me. We hug and kiss before cleaning up again.

Time to Work.

We’re just starting breakfast when I get a text that Ricky, my crew lead, is parking. The other guys are close. Naked Beau picks up his plate to head to his bedroom, giving me a friendly ‘thank you’ kiss on the way by. I re-focus on work. It was a fun morning but business comes first. I owe Cody a lot and I’m gonna make sure his roof is everything he wants and more.

The guys arrive and start laying the paper down to protect Cody’s stairs, floors and even the furniture. I don’t know what’ll happen when we open the roof, so I don’t want stuff coming down into his apartment. Juan and Ollie are making sure the dumpster is set in back and the chute is set up. It’s gonna be a long hard day of demolition and all this prep is essential.

When the prep is done, Ricky and I coordinate the final details before we start tearing it up. Beau joins us on the roof. I’m surprised to see that he’s wearing a tight white tank top, jeans and work boots. I notice his shoulders are back, his pecs are high and he got a confident swagger like he’s king of the roof. And the cowboy is smiling, looking downright happy.

Beau asks, “Got an extra pair of gloves and glasses for me?”

I shrug, “Sure, but what’s up?”

“You don’t think I’m just gonna sit around here while you boys have all the fun, do you?”

“Beau, you really don’t have to.”

“I want to. I feel so ... pumped. Kinda ... energized.” I notice he can’t stop smiling. “I’ll follow orders. Just tell me what to smash, tear up or haul and I’ll do it.” Beau looks me in the eye, “I just wanna ... do something. Please?”

I stall by officially introducing Beau to Ricky. I’m hesitant to let the big cowboy join in, but my co-worker pulls me aside, “Buck, if this guy wants to work for free, I say let him. He looks ...” Ricky pauses, looking lustfully at the big blond bodybuilder. He finally settles on “... capable.”

“He’s definitely ... capable. Okay. Let me clear it with Gustavo.”

When I tell Beau that he’s in, the young hunk shakes my hand professionally but with joy in his face, “Thanks, Buck. I owe you again.”

“No problem. Let’s get to work.”

The End.


  1. WOW! GREAT story, Alex! I love these matches between the heavyweights. As you say, "big boys doing big boy things". It's good to see Beau enjoying himself again. Buck is lucky Beau has shed some of his cockiness or else he really would've had his hands full! It's good to see Buck enjoying his new life, too.

    This was a match-up I never even considered, but it turned out very well, and the lighthearted nature really added to it. I hadn't realized how evenly-matched these two are both physically and in terms of their backgrounds. It made the erotic segments very hot!

    Awesome job as usual, Alex! :)


    1. Thanks! Yeah, Buck is big but he doesn't always let loose like he can. I always thought these two would fit together really well, but I did it here because it seems like a perfect time at this point in Beau's journey.

  2. Aw! <3 It's not often I love both guys in a match equally! So I'm glad it ended up being so...sweet. There's a lot of drama in the Cave universe (in a good way of course), and a nice story featuring a couple of guys on the mend is a nice breather. :)

    Sexy set-up: "We’re two simple bulls going for the most primal test of our manhood." Did I mention I love these guys? Both so hot--smoking models of course but you really make the characters come alive. And I loved the prelude to the match: Beau's hesitation, Buck's respectfulness of that, Beau's competitiveness...

    The only gross thing for me: Even though I AM from the midwest, I am so entirely NOT a morning person, that all that happening before 7 or 8 AM seems like a nightmare to me! Different strokes for different folks, of course. ;)

    Seriously, great story, and I can't wait to see what's next for these guys.

    1. LOL. The time thing was partly plot-induced, but I do think all four of these guys would have internal clocks that would have them up at the crack of dawn. Personal training clients wanting to train before work, farmers feeding chickens or whatever, and the ranch would be an early place, too. Plus, whenever I go west, I stay on central time for a long time. So, 6:30 is 8:30 for both Beau and Buck.

      And Buck's easy-going nature turns a lot of his stories into sweet ones. He's just that kind of guy, which is exactly what Beau needs.

    2. Oh yeah, time zones! Their 6:30 feeling like my 8:30 makes the whole thing much more palatable. There is a world of difference in those two hours. Side rant: Ever notice how the world is designed around morning people instead of night people? And how am I supposed to support ANY presidential candidate when they won't speak up in support of abolishing daylight savings time?!