Friday, July 7, 2017

BOTWS 2: BGE v RHW v Thunders Part 2 of 6

And we're back with the second half of Day One.

Everyone has one win, but can it stay this close? Let's see ...

Round 4: Dash Decker vs. Mitch Colby

Hoping to keep the momentum going, Zack substitutes Dash in for Chad at the last minute. Yeah, he's burning through his most talented studs, but Tanner's loss to a Thunders jobber hurt the team's confidence. He needs his less experienced guys to know they can win.

The RHW bodybuilder and the mature muscleman from BGEast waste no time locking up. It's pretty even in power, but Mitch knows some tricks. He shifts then forces Dash into a headlock. A hip toss and then arm attack keeps RHW's biggest down as the chiseled older hunk works him over. The bulge in Mitch's trunks grow as he dominates the hot young hunk.

Dash in trouble? Yikes!

Dash isn't used to being in trouble, but he knows he can't lose. He sees the expanding package and drives his arm up into it. Mitch is caught by surprise then stomped, slammed and suspended in a tree of woe. The young bodybuilder works over the mature muscleman until he's a whimpering mass of beef then ends the match by sending Mitch to dreamland with a dragon sleeper.

Dash turns the tables.

It wasn't easy, but Dash wins.

Poor Mitch.

Round 5: Bruce Ballard vs. Scrappy

Two of the hottest men in the arena emerge, confident in their skills. RHW is riding high after two big wins in a row. Scrappy looks confident, too. He offers Bruce a handshake, his cherubic face smiling pleasantly. The RHW hunk accepts the offer. As soon as their hands lock, Scrappy's smile turns into a maniacal grin. He pulls Bruce into a knee lift. He spins to lock in a side headlock then bulldogs a shocked Bruce to the mat. CRACK!

Bruce gets tricked then wrecked by the
deceptively diabolical Scrappy.

Young Scrappy mercilessly tortures his stunned opponent. Bruce falls into jobber-mode, reminiscent of his humiliating defeat to Ethan Andrews. Scrappy abuses him like he was Blayne on bad day, bending and breaking the handsome hunk with gleeful giggles. By the time Scrappy is done, Bruce is knocked out, spreadeagle in the middle of the ring as the pint-sized powerhouse poses over him for an easy 1-2-3.

Scrappy celebrates his big win.

Bruce's only consolation is that he can't see
Scrappy posing over him in victory.

Round 6: Talon vs. Tyrell Tomsen

The final match of the day features two big musclemen who are used to dominating and winning. They look each other up and down, each nodding as they try to determine the other man's weakness. Talon flexes, showing off his amazing body. Tyrell reaches in and adjusts his oversized manhood, his satin trunks highlighting his powerful tool. The handsome Thunders stud just shrugs, knowing that his low-hanging, dangling pouch speaks for itself.

Tyrell tries to establish dominance early.

Talon is confident in his body. All of it.

The two beasts move in fast. Tyrell takes immediate control with a side headlock. Talon lifts him up then brings him down with an atomic drop. The Thunders hunk pauses to flex. Tyrell kicks back, catching the dirty blond in the knee. Talon drops, allowing Tyrell to leap on top of him and lock on a full nelson. Talon powers out, flipping Tyrell onto his back then walking over the BGEast star's abs. Tyrell rolls away and rises.

It's back-and-forth power battle with bodyslams, punching and stomping. Talon manages to get Tyrell into a standing head scissors. He flexes over the trapped muscleman, telling him he's going out. Tyrell moans, but won't give. The black hunk suddenly powers up, flipping Talon over with a back body drop. The two face off again.

Both guys are sweating. Talon's stronger, but Tyrell is more skilled. The Thunders hunk is used to slower action with more pausing and posing. As he slows down, he misses a clothesline then gets caught in a standing rear naked choke. Tyrell wears the handsome hunk down until he's completely unconscious. Three arms drops confirm it. Another win for BGEast as Tyrell flexes in victory.

Talon in unfamiliar territory. Out cold.

Tyrell celebrates a tough win.

Wrapping Up Day One

It could not be closer. BGEast and Thunders both held back some big guns, while RHW used their top two studs. Will that strategy pay off? Only time will tell.

So what do you think after six matches? Who should have won these hard-fought battles? Should Mitch have beat Dash? Could Tyrell really have broken Talon's standing leg scissors? How fast would buy a real Bruce vs. Scrappy match?



  1. Mitch and Bruce lost? These matches are rigged! That or those two men need to be careful of the surprises that can be dished out in these battles. Hopefully they can learn from this and redeem themselves in there second match!

    1. Rigged? What? Never! You sound like Bard. ;) He thought Mitch was robbed. Yes, Scrappy had to catch Bruce off-guard, but it's not that crazy the Thunders stud would win, is it?

      Thanks to you and Bard, I like how this is going. I'm glad you guys have differing perspectives. I think that's half the fun of these things. :)

  2. I'm always so conflicted: The guys I want to see win also look so good out cold! :)

    1. Such is the life of a jobber fan. LOL. I'll take this as another vote for Mitch and Bruce. Today is turning out to be quite controversial. :)

    2. AND Talon, but again: beautiful out cold! And actually, I'm glad Dash won; his mean streak gives him an edge. And I'm a pretty easy audience I guess, since I'm happy whoever wins. ;)

    3. Talon getting sleepered is one of my favorite things, because he's usually so dominant.

  3. Haha this is so great. Yeah Bruce out was perfect. I could have felt conflicted but Scrappy has won me over. I mean he is really performing and his body is on point. I would have chose Mitch and Talon. Mitch cause, I would have loved to see Dadh lose. Then again I know he is your boy . Lol

    1. I definitely had to fight some personal biases during this. I didn't want it to always be the guy I like more, although I really like almost all of the guys competing.

  4. Mitch would OWN Dash in a real match

    1. That certainly seems to be the prevailing opinion of many readers. The real shame is that we'll never see it.