Monday, March 28, 2016

Review: Nero Angelo vs. Duke Russo (Movimus)

Full disclosure: This match was provided to me by Movimus.

Duke Russo is a man I was very interested in watching. Nero Angelo is a guy I already know I like. And Joe at Ringside at Skull Island called this maybe the best Movimus match ever. I didn’t get around to buying it, as I already had a couple of Mikey Hanlon matches in my queue to watch. So when Nero Angelo vs. Duke Russo showed up in my inbox, I was definitely excited. I bumped it up in my viewing rotation and here we are.

Duke vs. Nero

I haven’t watched a ton of Movimus matches and definitely not nearly as many as Joe, so I can’t say whether this is the best ever. What I can say is that I absolutely enjoyed this match a lot.

Duke Russo is pure submission wrestling sex. He’s got a perfect body for it - hard, compact and muscular. It's made even more perfect with a nice layer of fur. He’s got a fighter’s face - rugged and masculine. Duke’s gorgeous American flag briefs showcase his body and ride up in the back, which is ideal for the setting.

Duke is perfect

The gear matches the body

Duke is working hard

I gave Movimus my best gear Cavey, which drew a question. For me, gear is situational. In the ring, give me full pro gear - trunks, pads, boots and anything else you want to add to it. On the mats, give me a singlet or simple briefs and I’m happy. So when I say I love the gear, that’s my context.

Opposite Duke is Nero Angelo. In many ways, he’s the perfect opponent for Duke. Similar, but a little smaller, shorter and less solid. The swarthy stud wears simple black briefs and a determined look. He’s not intimidated at all by the powerful hunk in front of him and shows there's no reason he should be.

Nero's no slouch

Intense and intimate - it's submission at its best

Who's got who?

In terms of the action, it’s continuous and hard-fought. neither guy is easy to control, much less submit. The studs work each other around, but neither can get that finishing move until the very end. There’s a definite winner, which always makes me happy, but you could see it going the other way.

It just keeps going, neither man willing to stop

Duke powers Nero

Nero's controlling embrace

Duke on top

I can believe Joe's assessment that this is Movimus at its best, because it’s exactly what they specialize in. Angelo vs. Russo is a non-stop struggle between two strong combatants. It’s a perfect example of the intensity and intimacy of submission wrestling.

Beyond the match, Duke Russo is a huge stud and a great find. He joins Mikey Hanlon as a Movimus guy that I want to see show up in as many places as possible.

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