The Cave Series

NOTE: Some spoilers may occur when you see the listing by character.

Here is a list of The Cave series in chronological order, followed by a listing by character.

The Cave

Primary "The Cave" Characters (In Action)

Secondary Characters (Wrestle in Minimum of Two "The Cave" Stories)
(Characters listed in order of first appearance - for an alphabetical listing, see the Characters Index. Includes "The Cave" and directly related stories only. Some characters may appear elsewhere. See the Characters Index for a complete list by character.)

Josh/Mr. Riddle
Scott/Thunder (Also appears in Rival Pro Wrestling)
Ben/Kryptonite Kid/SuperStud (Also appears in Route 69)
Xaq/Spartan/Bird Boy
Night/Javi (Also appears in Rival Pro Wrestling)
Beau/Nuke Man (Also appears in Route 69)
Squatch (Also appears in Camp Grapple)
Buck (Also appears in Encounters + Rival Pro Wrestling)
Brody (Also appears in Encounters + Rival Pro Wrestling)

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